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April 18th, 2013 at 11:18 am


Another Thursday, the part of my life I wish would go faster, when I work at my boring proofreading job. My time, and my life, are my own from Saturday through Wednesday mornings.

Next Tuesday my new computer should be delivered. I just hope it works flawlessly, is easy to set up and is everything I hoped for. I can't get rid of the one I have a day too soon. But I'm wondering if I should try to remove the added memory my computer repair guy installed? Thing is, i have no idea what it looks like, and if he did it of course he'd charge me. So maybe I'll just bag it.

I remember last time I changed computers I lost all of my many bookmarked websites, so I want to save those too. Does anyone know of an easy way to do that other than painstakingly writing down each URL? I don't think a cut and paste will work with bookmarks.

I've more or less decided to delay further thought of a new car until the end of the year. Winter is when I've purchased new cars in the past and I think dealers are more eager to make a deal with you during a time that's usually very slow.

While I have the money, buying a new car is not just about the purchase price. It's also about the insurance, various state fees and of course our lovely car tax here in Connecticut. Barring further high cost repairs or getting stuck on the road, I will hang on to the Honda a while longer. It runs perfectly fine; it's just the unforeseen parts that go without warning that concerns me.

Still waiting for a check from a product study i did in early April, but it looks like April will be a good income month, despite higher-than-average expenses related to car repairs, healthcare and the new computer.

On my list of things to do this weekend is to restart my hypertufa activities. If it's not warm enough, I may not feel like making the hypertufa, but I have several that I'd like to photograph (ideally, with plants in them) and then post for sale on Craig's List. I'm just curious if I'd have any takers, and hypertufa is usually priced ridiculously high, mainly because it takes a long time to cure and so on, I guess. I don't think I'd want to sell them with the plants in them, yet they'd look far better to be photographed that way, so I'd have to keep repotting some poor plants without mangling them too much for each photo shoot.

I also have two outstanding writing assignments to do which have been hanging around only becus the subjects haven't gotten back to me; one's a builder and the other is a realtor I need to talk to about a new condo complex.

Well, it's 7:18 am and I guess I'd better start getting ready for work.

4 Responses to “Thursday”

  1. CB in the City Says:

    I am hanging on to my 2001 RAV4 until it dies. Then I doubt I will replace it due to the cost of running a car. I'm lucky in that mass transit around here is very easy and affordable.

  2. Suzanne Says:

    My favorites from Internet Explorer browser are stored here:


    You could copy them off to a usb stick or disk, and then try adding them in on the new computer. The location on both the old and new computers could be different than mine depending on what operating systems they use. But if you search for a favorites folder that should work.

  3. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    There are quite a few options/ways to transfer your bookmarks from one computer to another. One option is XMarks which is an add on for the Firefox browser. Another option is Diigo which is not browser based, and also allows you to take notes and screenshots within the site. (The first two options are what I use.)

    Other options include easybm . com which looks like it is somewhat similar to diigo. Another one that looks somewhat similar is linkagogo.

    The neat thing about xMarks is that it automatically backs up any new websites that you favorited/bookmarked since last closing your browser. Then you can access them from any computer. What I like a lot about diigo is how you can tag the different bookmarks and create groups. On my home computer I have the diigo toolbar, and at work I have what is called the "diigolet" which I put on my browsers bookmarks toolbar. (That way I can add new websites I find while at work as well.)

  4. Rona Says:

    Memory is the easiest thing to add or remove from a computer it takes about 3 seconds as it just pops in and out. I am 100% certain you could do it just search it out on you-tube and you will see what I'm talking about. Its a good thing to know anyway as I cant see paying people to do something so easy. (long time reader short term commenter. :P)

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