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The next step in the interview process

March 18th, 2013 at 01:48 am

So, I was sort of looking forward to a leisurely Sunday. That was not to be.

I worked a few hours on some take-home work from proofreading job. But then when I was just wrapping up, I got a surprise email from the guy I interviewed with for the web editor job last Friday.

He said you're one of the finalists, and by the way, here's a SECOND test editing/writing assignment (It was actually two.) I mean, an interview, a look at their portfolio and the first writing assignment wasn't enough to tell you about what they can do?

Sheesh. I've been through so many of these. I do hope I get an offer.

Tomorrow I go back to the ENT doctor to discuss the results of my pH test. I am very anxious to hear whether I have minor, moderate or serious problems. I don't feel it's that bad, but that's why they call it "silent" reflux. And I have had a cough for years.

My snowdrops are in bloom. They are so reliable and always the very first flower up around here, even when there's snow still on the ground.

I've been able to reduce my tea drinking to just one cup of caffeine daily, which is "allowed." The other cup is decaf but I recently got the Dropping Acid book from Amazon and she said that it's the tea which is acidic, as well as the caffeine. So tomorrow when doing the grocery shopping, I'll pick up some chamomile tea for one of those 2 cups.

I've also stayed away from tomato sauce and ketchup, as well as citrus fruit and juice. No onions and mostly no chocolate. I want to get rid of my cough and then very slowly reintroduce certain foods to see if they're trigger foods.

I've also started taking various supplements, and more are coming in the mail. Vit. C, B12, fish oil, slippery elm bark and DGL. I may still end up taking a proton pump inhibitor like Prilosec, but my plan is not to stay on it for more than eight weeks.

I plan to fill the prescription at CVS and then switch it at the first refill to Walgreen's so I can get the $25 back for a transferred prescription. Smile

I've been able to keep my weight down to 140, which feels pretty good after flirting with 150.However, I'd like to get down to 135, or even 130. I was at 135 about 5 years ago.

3 Responses to “The next step in the interview process”

  1. marvholly Says:

    the second (and third) test assignment bothers me. Appears they are just trying to get FREE work from you. Is this common in your field?

    Don't think I would do it and I would tell them EXACTLY why:
    i do this for a living so hire/pay me or forget it!!!

  2. Says:

    Well, it's not at all unusual when you work as a writer for a prospective employer to give you a "test" writing assignment. In fact, it seems to be happening much more now, during this recession, than it did years ago when i was unemployed. And now this is the 2nd time I've had a prospective employer ask for a SECOND test, which actually involved editing two different stories. Problem is, if you dig in your heels and say no, then you have no chance at the job. I can't afford to do that, especially for a job I'm interested in.

    I'm aware that some unscrupulous employers might try to take advantage and get some free work out of you, but i guess you have to be willing to take that risk (and let your intuition guide you) if you want to find a job.

    What bothered me just as much with the first employer who asked for multiple writing assignments was that they never bothered to inform me if the job was filled or what the status of it was. Maybe they don't have time to do that with every single candidate, but I would think that with the finalists who invested several hours of their time on the writing assignment they owe it as a courtesy. A day after I inquired via email to that first employer, I saw the company had re-posted the job online. So apparently they weren't happy with any of us.

  3. SecretarySaving Says:

    Great job on your weight!

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