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My 2012 Income and Expenses, the Big Picture

December 25th, 2012 at 12:12 am

My 2012 total spending: $35,846
My 2012 total income: $35,970

When compared to last year, if you subtract the vinyl siding ($13,789) I got last summer, my total annual spending this year is roughly the same as last year. As much as I tried, I wasn't really able to reduce it further.

However, I did pay off the mortgage in July so next year, my #1 big expense will be HISTORY.

Here are my top 7 2012 expenses, ranked in order of size:

Mortgage/property taxes: $15,826.

Comment: This year, my mortgage/property taxes represent 44% of my total expenses. The reason that number's so high is because I'm underemployed and only working p/t. Next year, sans mortgage, the property taxes should drop to just 17% of total expenses, tying with health insurance for the #1 spot.

Health Insurance: $6,372.Up 6%.

Food: $2,859.

Comment:As much as I tried, I failed to lower my food costs; in fact, they rose by 9%.

Fuel Oil: $1,218. Up 8%.

Health co-payments: $1,178.

Comment: Up 29%, solely because I went to the doctor more.

Gas for car: $905

Comment: This figure is 37% higher (!) than last year, and I attribute it mainly to the driving job I had for about 4 months, when gas prices were rising.

IRS: $899
Comment:This represents quarterly estimated tax payments for my self-employment income.

Expenses #8-15:

Car repairs: $824.

Comment:I was doing very well all year until November, when I had a $600 repair bill to replace rusted out fuel and oil lines.

Car insurance: $438 since I switched policies.

Household: $$754.
Comment: This is my one "catch-all" category for things that don't neatly fit in another category.

Sewers: $738.
Comment:This includes both usage and loan repayment.

Phone/Internet: $549.
Comment: Amazing. A utility expense that actually dropped, by 9%. This year, I saw hefty increases in my top 8 biggest expenses.

Homeowner's Insurance: $484.
Comment: I switched to Safeco.

Electric: $462.

Comment: Another falling utility; it fell by 61%, partly because last year I believe I got a $200 refund for the extended power outage we had.


State of CT: $208
Borough taxes: $165
Gardening: $141
Dump sticker: $85
Birds: $83
Car tax/reg/license: $79
Haircuts: $68
Gifts: $51
Clothing: $49
Dining Out $48
Subscriptions: $40
Entertainment: $19
Vacations: 16
Comment:This was all i spent on a trip lasting a few days down to see my dad on the Jersey shore. He paid for my gas and meals; all I paid for was the tolls.

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