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As my world turns

September 17th, 2012 at 01:02 am

Another lovely fall day, so bright and sunny. Almost too beautiful for words.

My goal was to finish writing the luxury home subdivision sales brochure on Saturday and start on the real estate certification case study on Sunday (both freelance jobs with the same client).

I accomplished the first, but kept finding other things to do than start the case study. It WAS my weekend, after all.

Instead, I did the following:
1. Continued cleaning up the vegetable garden, which meant pulling out all the tomato plants, pepper and bean plants. By ths time of year, the tomatoes get a bad case of blight,and it's important not to leave old dead leaves lying around because it will allow the blight to overwinter and return next year with vigor. So I dumped all the veggie plants onto a large tarp, which I hope to cram in my tiny Honda trunk, when the landfill opens on Tuesday.

2. Watered the two areas where I planted grass. Ho hum, I know, but it's a very relaxing thing to do.

3. Read the Sunday paper.

4. Filled the bird feeder.

5. Refilled the bird bath with water.

6. Replenished the hummingbird sugar water and then watched as it zipped back and forth among the feeding stations, apparently too impatient to wait for me to leave.

7. Made some Trader Joe truffles, aka brownies.

8. Boiled up the last batch of tomatoes from the garden, then to the freezer after they cooled. We are really winding down now.

Walked to the library and got some DVDs. The first one i watched last night was Prairie Love. A drifter driving along in the middle of nowhere, North Dakota, in dead of winter finds a man who looks dead lying in the road in front of his truck which had broken down. Frozen solid, in other words. He drags him to his own vehicle and eventually, the frozen guy comes to, but not before the drifter snoops in his suitcase and reads a bunch of love letters from a woman in prison.

Turns out the man he rescued was on his way to see her for the very first time after a 3 year penpal relationship. She's being released from prison.

The drifter decides that he's going to get rid of the guy and show up to meet the girl and pretend he's the guy who's been writing letters to her all this time.

After saving the man's life initially, he leaves him in the snow and goes on to meet the girl.

I won't tell you anymore, but it's an interesting story....

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