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Not a whole lot accomplished today

August 15th, 2012 at 07:34 pm

I am feeling frustrated.

I have $50 worth of Amazon gift cards and I have TRIED to shop several items there but all of the items I want must be purchased from external websites, which means the item isn't eligible for free shipping. Since I'm determined to maximize use of the Amazon gift cards I earn through online forums, I don't want to waste them on shipping.

I was looking at room darkening curtains for the bedroom, as the mini blinds are useless for that purpose and the floor-length curtains are too sheer and too tempting for Luther to scratch at. I think the 63" length would work.

I also admired Martha Stewart's Living Solutions shelving,and I was even hoping to find a plastic basement window well covering that fit my small window well, but no go.


I'm at a lull in the big PR writing project as we wait for the client to sign off on the positioning statement I wrote in advance of the brochure itself. It reminds me of why I don't like working for agencies. Now mind you, the client hadn't actually asked for a positioning statement, but the PR firm that's hired me wanted me to do it. Perhaps because I am new and she wanted to be sure I "got" it.

I had to revise it several times based on the PR firm's request I add something, and I noticed her comments were rather vague, not specific, which made me struggle to figure out what her objection was.

Oh well. We shall see how it goes.

The guy I drive to and from work gave me the afternoon "off" as his aunt is picking him up for dinner. He had originally said that he would pay me $200 a week regardless of whether I actually drove him each day. Then a day came last week when he had to do something and his girlfriend drove him to work. He paid me the full $200 and I decided to give him back the $20 I hadn't really earned the next day.

It was hard to do as i could use the money, but i realize he really does too. So unfortunately tomorrow there is something else coming up, and something next week, which will relieve me of my driving duties and put a little less cash in my pocket. Oh well.

I've decided to use the new Barclay's online savings account as the repository for my property tax money. It's a big chunk of cash...$6600...paid in two annual installments. That's $550 a month I need to set aside so I have it to pay the taxes when due. At least it will earn 1% rather than nothing in my checking account.

I have been swatting flies in the house all day. I hate them! I think they are reproducing here and that's the problem. I have a bad habit of leaving my garage door open day and overnight. The cats' litter boxes are in the basement, and the smell is probably attracting flies who find their way in, probably under the closed door in garage leading to basement. Luther likes to poop in the gravel French curtain drain that encircles my basement around the walls. The flies were probably laying their eggs in that poop as I keep the litter boxes fairly clean. And from there it's Fly City.

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