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Today, a whir of activity

May 15th, 2012 at 12:19 am

wow, this feels like the first time all day I've actually sat down.

What did I do?

1. Confirmed with voter registrar that I WILL be working tomorrow in our 2nd budget vote. And along that vein, for tomorrow's lunch, I shredded the rest of the turkey from the turkey breast I had for mother's day and made a turkey salad with mayo, dried cranberries and chopped green apple, and a little red onion.

2. Picked up my free 8 x 10 photo at walgreen's, thanks to an alert by Monkey mama.

3. ran to Target to pick up some Lean Cuisines. got them at the sale price of $2.50, plus i got a $5 Target gift card for doing so AND I participate in the Lean Cuisine promotion from which I already got 2 magazine subscriptions.

4. looked for some tomato and pepper plants, but the store i went to had very poor looking stock, all leggy.

5. Kept digging up sod in the veggie garden so i could plant some yellow wax beans, green string beans and soybeans before the expected rain of the next few days. Mission accomplished. i also laid a portion of my soaker hose in a shallow trench right next to where i planted the beans. As i worked, i saved all the grubs i found and put them in a shallow tray for the bluebirds, who gobbled them up. Smile

Gosh, I know I did more but now i can't remember!

Yesterday's Mother's Day dinner consisted of the above-mentioned turkey breast (a freebie from Shop rite after spending $200 in one month last November) with gravy, mashed (organic) potatoes, a yummy chutney I made with chopped pineapple, golden raisins, red onion and freshly grated ginger, my sister's asparagus salad and for dessert, i made a kiwi (no bake) cheesecake which used just 4 ingredients. (Appetizer was a crusty Trader Joe's bread with an eggplant spread.)

2 Responses to “Today, a whir of activity”

  1. snafu Says:

    Mother's day dinner sounds YUM. Glad you get the voting gig, do they pay well? In our community I notice all the paid staff at the polling stn. appear to be seniors.

  2. patientsaver Says:

    They pay $175 but it's a 15-hour day, so it comes out to about $11.66 an hour.

    The town has spoken...they voted NO on the second go-round, which means my taxes will be lower AND i get to work a 3rd time as a poll worker.

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