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A small indulgence - woof!

March 26th, 2012 at 01:11 am

I had accumulated about $35 worth of amazon gift certificates in small denominations ($5 to $15) from participating in an online forum, and while I have a dire need for mole deterrent and mulch this spring, I couldn't think of anything I "needed" at Amazon.

So I started browsing and spent way too much time trying to decide how best to spend these gift certificates. I liked the idea of getting food, since I need to eat anyway, but wanted to get something that was a bit of a treat that I wouldn't ordinarily buy on my spartan budget. So, umm, I ended up buying 5 pounds of black licorice in the shape of Scottish terriers.

Now in fairness, it's NOT my fault that amazon only sells candy and stuff in bulk sizes. so this was a $27 purchase, which I'm sure will raise some eyebrows. But I'll have plenty to share and satisfy my licorice cravings for quite some time to come. Smile

This is just the prelude to my much bigger gift certificates I'm excitedly working toward, $250, with my new citi card.

I heard back from my legal editing client and she said it's unusual for her to get this many cases all at once, so I guess she isn't destined to become a big money-making client for me. More like a periodic money-maker. Smile

I also saw that Agway had what I would consider an unusually low price for mulch. Now that I have mulch on the brain. I recall in the past when I had a yard of mulch delivered, it cost about $100. That was the cedar mulch, which is probably more expensive than other stuff. But anyway, Agway by me is advertising a yard of "bulk brown mulch" for just $40. I'm guessing delivery would be extra, but how would you otherwise get the stuff? Oh yeah, I think you just drive up with your pickup and have them dump it in, so i guess that rules me out.

I will call some local nurseries tomorrow and then on Tuesday I'll call the landfill about their mulch.

Thank god i got up the verve to go for a late afternoon walk around 5 today. 50 minutes. I have really noticed, with some alarm, a growing inclination to pass on the exercise. I was always a big walker, since my college days. Walking, hiking, these were always big things with me, year-round, in all kinds of weather. Now, if it's a little too chilly out or the sun is too hot, I really have to push myself. I don't want to lose my lifelong habit. There's absolutely no excuse for it since I'm not even working f/t.

2 Responses to “A small indulgence - woof!”

  1. Dido Says:

    I "hear" you on the walking...all too easy to let a day go by. I keep a calendar by my back door and at least I keep track of walking, or not....when too many days go by without adding miles to that calendar, the dissonance starts growing.

    Enjoy the licorice (one of my favorite flavors, too) and have fun gardening.

  2. PatientSaver Says:

    I mark my calendar, too, with my exercise successes; W50 means I walked 50 minutes; M30 means I mowed the lawn for 30 minutes; K60 means I kayaked for 60 minutes!

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