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Oh, what a beautiful day...

March 12th, 2012 at 02:48 pm

It got into the upper 60s today and all this week it will 60s and 70s.

Spring seems to be here about a month ahead of schedule. I opened up my sun room and spent some time out there enjoying a warm breeze through the windows with the boys.

I also swept the driveway and started deadheading a whole lot of perennials and sedums, using my wheelbarrow to cart them down to the brush perimeter of the property where i dump them.

I am very conscious of being out of shape, because it wasn't that much work but it felt very tiring. This seems to be somewhat typical after a long winter of largely inactive indoor living, but it seems to be getting harder to get done things I want to get done with my various aches and pains.

I still vacillate between deciding to stay here in my home for the long term or selling the house and buying a more manageable condo. I just worry that I wouldn't be happy in a condo since puttering around gardening, my veggie garden, feeding the birds, are all things I enjoy. Not to mention the privacy I have here.

If I stayed, I would want to invest in a rider mower, after 16 summers of pushing a walk-behind mower around here. It's exhausting, and really not looking forward to another summer of that. But those things cost about $2,000 and I'd hate to spend it and then decide to move. So I vacillate.

I found a woman's purse, or large wallet, hidden under the plastic flap of a grocery cart at Shop Rite. I could see how someone would forget it was there. It was in the parking lot, very close to my car. I looked inside and there was a small amount of money plus gift cards, her license, bank card, health insurance ID, you name it. I looked at her license, just a high school kid. I drove over to the address shown on her license and left it on the door. I thought about just dropping it in a mailbox, but I couldn't feel assured it would get to her if I did that. Let's call it my good deed for the day. Hopefully I'll get some good karma from it. Smile

I finished up a realtor's bio last night and sent it to her. Today I called the place where I interviewed a week ago, as they had told me to, but had to leave a message on someone's machine and no one's gotten back to me. Hate that.

If I get an offer, I'll accept it, but you know what? Despite being out of work for so long, I am loathe to return to work, largely because my time will no longer be my own. I've always hated the structured work day. It makes me feel trapped in the office.

I am hoping to get that small editing job from the mental health advocate soon, maybe tomorrow. I figure by then she'll have gotten the non-disclosure form I had to sign and mail her.

Tomorrow I hope to do some more yardwork. Gradually getting back into some form of regular exercise will be really helpful. There was some interesting news on public radio tonight that a new study shows that people who eat a lot of red meat have a significantly greater risk of cancer and premature death. Now this I knew already based on a book I read about a dietary study of Seventh Day Adventists. They also said that processed meats in particular are really bad. Like hot dogs and bacon. The researchers said while they felt that very moderate amounts of red meat were ok, like 2-3 1/2 servings a week, and that they themselves would still eat red meat, the researcher being interviewed said he had eliminated processed meats from his diet. Like I've done. It's been hard, becus I LOVE kielbasa and also hot dogs.

4 Responses to “Oh, what a beautiful day...”

  1. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Speaking as an SDA Smile I can tell you that the processed veggie meats are probably just as bad for you as the processed red meats - just a whole lot less chance of the various meat diseases.

  2. LuckyRobin Says:

    Isernio's makes some very good chicken sausages, no preservatives or additives, that taste almost like kielbasa. Might be a good compromise for you when you are really just wanting one.

  3. PatientSaver Says:

    What's an SDA?

    I know that the specific ingredient with processed meats is the nitrites, and that many "healthy" food makers use celery juice as a replacement for the nitrites. But then I read (and you can easily find the same info if you google it) that celery juice is just as bad!

  4. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Sorry, SDA is the abbreviation for Seventh-Day Adventist.

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