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Movin' right along...

February 10th, 2012 at 02:31 pm

Worked all day at home, first on writing up some bios for freelance, and then back to the p/t publishing job.

Hey, guess what?

The annual directory that I edited/updated on a contract basis last Nov/Dec.? It's the 2012 edition and it's published now and I just discovered that my name appears in the book as a Contributing Writer. If I ever go for any other publishing jobs, it will be very impressive.

There's a slew of job opportunities lately, although from past experience, these spring forth like delicate seedlings from the earth and many shrivel up just as quickly.

#1 on my list: An agency in Minnesota contacted me about a United Health Care contract position near where I live. Pay is in the $30s, meaning $30 something an hour. He's submitted my resume to the firm. Would love to work there and would quit my p/t job to do so, even though it's just a 4 to 6 month gig.

I have an interview lined up with the crossword puzzle book publisher Tuesday, but it's a 50-minute drive and they told me the pay is $29K. But it's full-time with benefits. So I don't know. I may still decide to cancel the interview. It's the drive that really bothers me.

Then I have a phone interview with HR at a big research firm for senior writer. That job would also be quite a haul, but it would pay much better.

Still have heard nothing about the contract job with Prudential; it may die away.

I've got over $1,000 in projects I've either already invoiced or will bill out soon, all with the same client. I may have to do quarterly estimated tax payments this year.

Looking forward to some time to myself this weekend, though I don't know what to do with myself.

3 Responses to “Movin' right along...”

  1. PNW Mom Says:

    Sounds like a lot of possibilities...good luck!

  2. wowitsawonderfullife Says:

    Just checking about that job that pays in the $30s. I hope it's part time. $30 an hour is more than $1,000 per week which is $52K+.

  3. patientsaver Says:

    Well, that's a good thing, right? Actually, I'm not sure if it's full-time. The ad said at least 3 days a week at their location/office. Wasn't sure if they meant the rest was work at home or if that's all the work they had.

    Actually, $30 an hour f/t would come out to $62,400. $35/hr would come out to $72,800.

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