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More minutiae

November 21st, 2011 at 03:07 am

I'm rather surprised, but I got just about everything done today that I wanted.

1. Made a tray of lasagna for this week's lunches at new job.

2. Also made a delicious cranberry rice pudding in slow cooker. Really yummy and oh so easy. Recipe calls for coconut milk.

3. Cut and cleared and dragged to the curb even more fallen tree limbs. There's more to do, but this was basically the last day to do it since I won't have time once I start the job tomorrow. Plus, the town was supposed to pick it all this past Thursday/Friday/Saturday, which they didn't, so I have to assume they'll be here very soon, if not tomorrow. But the delay in pick-up gave me even more time to get more debris out of my yard. (If only I had 3 months to do the rest...)

4. A friend called unexpectedly and invited himself over to see if he could help me install a new doorknob/lock on my basement/garage door. He got it in, but said it's basically a cheap fixture that may or may not hold together. It's an exact duplicate of a previous door knob that jammed up on and prevented me from unlocking the door. It actually had to be pried open. I complained to the manufacturer and they gave me the new one for free. But anyway, at least now i can use that door normally.

5. I wrote the latest press release and sent that off to the real estate company, and I realized re-reading an email from Friday that they wanted me to send out another press release I was holding. So I did both those things.

6. Also did more editing of the book. I now have just 32 pages left. The Author, who has been looking for an agent for a while now, has gotten to know one agent who asked her to do a reading from one of her books at the next meeting with other writers. The Author wasn't sure which book to read from, so she sent me the draft of the 2nd book, which is much more contemporary than the 1st book that I've been editing, so I encouraged her to read the 2nd. It would likely have greater appeal to a wider audience than a Southern romance novel. Anyway, she said in one of her emails that she will only have me edit her books and that she feels blessed to have met me. Smile She's very happy with my work.

So I guess I'm ready for tomorrow. Don't have to be there til 10 a.m. this first day, so I can stick to my usual morning routine.

When my friend was over here, he showed me his new color Kindle, which I guess just came out. What interested me was that he's not really using the Kindle to read books. He's using it to access email and the Internet by taking advantage of free Wi-fi at the library, Starbucks, etc. Although I just sent him a site,, where you can download FREE books. Anyway, he got me interested in a Kindle, though can't buy it now. I think he said it was $200. I liked it becus like him, I don't want to have to start paying a monthly fee for internet access....don't think i'd use the kindle enough to justify that. But it would be fun to have.

6 Responses to “More minutiae”

  1. MonkeyMama Says:

    Well, the kindle is easy to come by free with credit card rewards. (I've gotten 4 free, and counting!)

    Try this one:

    One purchase = $500 Amazon gift cards. (Maybe more, since all their rewards are currently on sale - we were able to get $625 - sale is ongoing for the holidays or something). Though there is a $69 fee, I believe they will refund it if you close the card quickly. I can let you know - I just tried to close mine Friday and haven't got an e-mail response yet. I am waiting to see if they just refund the $69 or if I have to ask. They just refunded the fee with the last one we closed - it was $99 when I had applied - this one is my dh's card.

  2. jewels3 Says:

    can you share the recipe for the cranberry rice pudding? Sounds good!

  3. Amber Says:

    Good luck tomorrow Smile

  4. patientsaver Says:

    Sure, Jewel, here's the recipe. Super easy.

    Combine the following in your slow cooker:
    3/4 cup arborio rice
    2 cups vanilla-flavored rice milk
    1 14 oz can of coconut milk (I used "lite")
    1/2 cup dried cranberries
    1/4 cup sugar
    2 t. cinnamon
    1 t. nutmeg
    1 t. vanilla

    Cook on high for 3 to 4 hours, or untiil rice is tender.

    I doubled the recipe and it seemed to be ready sooner. I often do a lot of substitutions in my recipes if I don't have something, but I think it's important to use the aroborio rice and also the rice milk, becus the rice needs water to cook. (I learned the hard way that trying to cook rice in, say, chicken broth or apple juice just doesn't work.

    Anyay, it tastes delicious hot. Wonderful creamy texture.

  5. MonkeyMama Says:

    P.S. Annual fee was refunded on Southwest Chase, BUT offer is gone for now. I will let you know if I see it again. (Just remembered because I was going to send the link to MIL - she is the only *in person* person I know who will do these deals - I am sure it will come back again. I'm keeping an eye out for her and will try to remember to let you know, too, if I see it again!).

  6. MonkeyMama Says:

    Er, the link above still works - but I couldn't find it earlier today. Maybe this deal is still going. We both closed card immediately after redeeming rewards - annual fee was refunded - so I would say very worthwhile. Glad I came back here - didn't expect to find a working link. I'll have to look into it to be sure.

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