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My inner 12-year-old is alive and well

November 18th, 2011 at 12:32 am

OK, so the very first time I was pubished was when I was 12 years old. A magazine had a competition for young authors, and I won!

I waited patiently for the check in mail. When, after 3 days, it didn't arrive, I fired off an angry letter to the editor saying, "Where's my money??"

Believe it or not, I still have the handwritten letter the editor wrote back to me. (I will have it framed someday, along with the magazine story.) He started off the letter by writing, "Hold your horses."

Hmmm. Seems I'm still repeating the words, "Where's my money?" a lot lately.

AFter waiting seven weeks for payment on 2 old invoices sent last September, I finally called Accounting of one of my clients on the phone. She indicated she had no record of my invoices. Which means the gal who told me ages ago to forward my invoices to her for speedier payment, let the ball slip. And I had JUST sent her an email about this matter a week ago. She then wrote back cheerfully, "I'll make sure your payment goes out in next week's batch."

I sent her a note again requesting her to FORWARD MY INVOICES SO I CAN GET PAID. I mean, if I were a somewhat larger enterprise, it might be different, but as a solo practitioner, I have a select few clients, including this one, and I count on the income from them! I can't tell you how annoyed and put out I am. I wait, wait and wait some more only to learn she didn't forward to invoices to accounting. But I have to be careful what I say becus she gives me a lot of business.

It says "Net 30" right on my invoice but they routinely ignore that. I could start adding late payment interest, but I'm guessing they'd just ignore that too. I really have no way of enforcing timely payment; i have to play by their rules. Grr.

Also still waiting for a $50 check from Global Test Market of the online survey world. Sent then an email about it today.

Also overdue is an Amazon gift card from an online crdit card forum I particpate in.

Where's my money??

Today's accomplishments:
* Edited at least 30 pp of The Author's book
* Sawed and dragged a few more tree limbs to the curb, but it was raw and rainy out, so didn't spent too much time doing this.
* Sent off a completed survey to use and comment on a retailer website in order to qualify for a $25 Amazon gift card.

OH, I forgot to add: I got the contract job working thru year's end (about 6 weeks, f/t) for the small publisher updating one of their annual directories. I start on Monday. But get this: Using an online net pay calculator, I figured that if I work a 40-hour week, I'll only net about $135 more a month than I would from my regular unemployment benefits. Hardly worth it, except that it does stretch my unemployment since it's suspended while I work. So I'll do it.

However, she welcomed me working over 40 hrs if i wanteed, and i figured that if i work just an extra 10 hours a week (50 hours total), my net would be $572 more a month than unemployment. Not sure why there's such a discrepancy between 40 and 50 hours, but that's what I'll aim to do. I will stop doing the online surveys and editing The Author's book so that all available free time can be spent, these next few weeks, on the new contract job to maximize my profit. Luckily, everything but the first week will be work at home, so i don't have to spend money on gas.And it will be easier to work longer if I can just roll out of bed and into my desk chair.

With this in mind, I've spent all day on The Author's book and already sent her a big section I finished. I have about 65 pages to go in the book.

4 Responses to “My inner 12-year-old is alive and well”

  1. Looking Forward Says:

    I'd want my money too!

  2. Miz Pat Says:

    Charming way to complain of what is a common problem with accounts payable departments.

    I hope you get paid too.

  3. My English Castle Says:

    Everybody's slow paying these days, aren't they.
    I think the six-week gig is a good thing, even though the money doesn't amount to much. But you seem to have an amazing way with stretching money.

  4. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Congrats on getting the job - even if it is short term.

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