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A quiet day at Lake Wobegon but still got stuff accomplished...

November 7th, 2011 at 08:52 pm

It's a pretty quiet day, work-wise, so I went this a.m. to my mother's to collect the rest of my refrigerated food that I'd left there after the snowstorm. I also stopped at Stop & Shop for a few things.

Twice today I worked in the yard, cutting up big fallen branches (from the storm) and dragging them to a corner of my yard where you'd never see them. I worked about an hour each time. It's very tiring. I use only my little bow saw and a wood ladder I dragged under the crabapple tree. Work gloves are essential cus there's all kind of sap from the white pine, and I already wore holes in one pair of suede gloves.

Then I mowed just a portion of the backyard, to mulch up a bunch of fallen leaves.

Tomorrow, Election Day, I'll be working from 5:15 am to 8 pm at night, for just $140. Better than nothing, but it will be a very long day, and that's the chief reason I'm not looking forward to something I might otherwise quasi-enjoy.

I have to bring my lunch and dinner, or run out to get something quickly. I guess I'll make a tuna or chicken salad and bring a banana and then wing it from there. If I'm lucky, other poll workers will bring a crock pot full of something. Smile

I'm having a colonscopy on Monday, so I also stopped at CVS to fill the prescription for the meds. Very annoyed that my insurer didn't cover it and I had to pay $40 for it. They tell you a colonscopy is 100% covered, but they neglect to tell you they consider the meds/prep as separate, even though you could never have a colonoscopy without it.)

This Thursday begins the countdown of restricted foods. I had a lot of trouble 2 years ago drinking the prep stuff, so this time i got a presecription of pills you just take with water, lots of water, plus i have to drink a whole bottle (10 oz) of magnesium citrate on Saturday. Oh boy, I hope I can handle this. I got lots of jello, organic chicken broth and apple juice for the liquid fast when I was at S&S.

I did a load of laundry and am trying to tidy up around here. For some reason, the mess got really out of hand for the actually 7 (not 6) days i was without power. Just too cold to do anything except go under the blankets.

Not much else to report. I did my October expense report and my expenses exceeded income by about $300, mainly due to my homeowner's insurance. (It's always something.)

Oh, I also vacuumed the upstairs, and did something I rarely do. I dragged the bed away from the wall so I could vaccuum in back of it and underneath it. It was a mess. I did it becus i noticed my older cat is still breathing kind of heavy, as if his allergies are bothering him. I know there's nothing outside now, so perhaps it's all the dust in the house. I tend to let the vaccuuming get away from me...often. So after the thorough vaccuuming, I also ran my expensive, energy-efficient air purifier, which I rarely use, but which is nice to have. (hmmm)

The thought occurred to me that i've got a lot of stuff in my kitchen cabinets that i rarely, if ever use, and i never have enough storage space. So I hauled out my well-used "set it and forget it" rotisserie chicken oven and i think i'll get rid of it. It works fine, but there's one thing i really hate about it: it's very difficult to clean, and you can spend a half hour scrubbing all the assorted parts. I don't know, I'm getting tired of that sort of thing, and i don't like handling raw meat much anyway. So if i have a craving for rotisserie chicken, I think I'll just pick one up already cooked at the grocery store and save myself the cleanup. And give myself a bit more storage space.

The critters tonight will have a feast, if they discover the food I put out for them. I decided I really didn't like the whole wheat and golden raisin loaf I'd baked, although I did eat the muffin versions. There was also some uneaten cat food and some red grapes in there. I like to feed the animals, especially in winter.

There was a woman I knew, she was actually one of the original group of people who developed the atom bomb, believe it or not, I met her when a group of Sierra Club board members met at my boyfriend's house in NY when I was living with him years ago. My boyfriend served as chairman or whatever the title was, of that particular chapter for a number of years, and so they all met at our house. The Manhattan Project, that was the name of the group the woman worked in.... Anyway she used to like to put out all sorts of food scraps for the critters on her back porch which was illuminated by a light and after a while the animals lost their fear of the light and they'd be scrapping with each other for all this food. Raccoons, skunks, possums, you name it. She was a pretty serious would have been interesting to talk to her then about her earlier career, but i suppose it was all top secret anyway.

2 Responses to “A quiet day at Lake Wobegon but still got stuff accomplished...”

  1. littlegopher Says:

    Know exactly what you're saying about excess kitchen items! I don't want to spend my time caring and keeping them, even the stuff I used to use all of the time. It's funny how you come back to the basics for the most part.

    What an interesting person and story! When my girls were little, we'd throw out bread scraps and watch who'd come to get them. We also trimmed hair out on the patio in warm months, because they loved that birds would use it for their nests.

  2. My English Castle Says:

    We've got a chipmunk living under the air conditioner pad. I should probably discourage him a bit, but he's very cute and has been a source of endless amusement lately. He got stuck in the window well, and DH tried to pick him up with the dog's poop scoop to rescue him. As soon as he opened the scoop, the chipmunk almost flew into the neighbor's garden. But he was back in my recycling bin 10 minutes later.

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