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A surprising way to save money on produce

August 24th, 2011 at 07:06 pm

Well, this is the first time I ever noticed this.

I was at my local Shop Rite and knew I wanted to buy some fruit. Usually prices drop fairly low (dare I say .99 a pound) in the dead of summer, but in recent weeks, prices seem to have climbed. I noticed nectarines and plums were a pricey $1.69 a pound.

Over in the small organic produce section, I noticed plums were $1.49 a pound. hmp. They were smaller, but so what? They were locally grown.

So, you wouldn't think organic prices could beat non-organic, but I think it pays to quickly check prices. I think we're all paying increased food costs partly due to rising fuel costs, so it makes sense that locally grown produce would be cheaper.

I know I had several coupons, but I was miffed, when double-checking the receipt at home, that the girl overlooked the two bags I brought into the store. I made a mental resolution to begin bringing 4 reusable bags inside the store with me and packing each one light so I can use all four. Up til now, I usually bring in one or two, but I want to recover the savings from the many times the cashier misses it.

I find check-out at the grocery store very challenging. There are so many things to watch and you want to make sure she rings up everything correctly without overcharging you. I often forget about checking the credit for the bags.

Do you sense a theme here? Luther's a boy who likes enclosed spaces. Desk drawers, inside cabinets, hampers, paper bags, you name it!

3 Responses to “A surprising way to save money on produce”

  1. MonkeyMama Says:

    We actually eat a lot of organic, because it is often cheaper. I'd probably never even bother, otherwise. But, the store usually displays sales promintently - and why we notice. This is a good idea to go look over prices on the "uber expensive" side of the store I rarely travel to.

    I've shared before that our local "high end" grocer has by far the cheapest prices all around, though several of my friends won't even go there because they assume it's expensive. The store focuses on local grown produce, and we did not find their prices rise with gas prices the last few years. With the sour economy they have remained extremeley competitive. To the point where it hurts to shop everywhere else. I am sure this explains some of the "why."

    IT's important to remember never to assume anything!

  2. baselle Says:

    I've noticed this too. Local Safeway had both organic and regular broccoli at the same price. About 2 weeks ago the organic peaches were riper and cheaper than the regular. I think its because they have to move them - if they throw out the produce because they can't sell it, the grocer gets $0. Definitely pays to look and not assume anything.

    I joked with an older checkout person that it used to be so simple .... here's the stuff that I'd like to buy, here's my money, got my change and out the door. Now its the loyalty card, and the bags and the card is not scanning and would you like to "round up" and donate. Ick.

  3. My English Castle Says:

    I'm just back from the grocers and noticed the same thing. Perhaps it's the seasons. Thankfully today's checker remembered the bags and also remembered to double the best coupons. My mom was always weighing bags of potatoes and carrots--usually about 5 or 6 bags to see which of the 1lb bags and 5 lb bags weighed the most. She swore she sent us to college on her savings from bigger bags of preweighed produce.

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