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All hell breaking loose

July 28th, 2011 at 10:37 pm

Today the vinyl siding project on my house began.

I was a little perturbed because after 3 guys and a van showed up to unload a s***load of ladders/scaffolding, 2 left and there was just 1 guy left working all by himself for most of the morning.

At this rate, I thought, it's going to take forever to get done. However, the others returned around noon, and they've been on a tear ever since. After a full day of work, they're now on the last and final side of the house, the front.

And the banging is LOUD. They're banging so hard, taking off the asbestos shingles, that I had 2 small shelves in the kitchen fall to the floor. They were holding 2 little teapots. Luckily, the ceramic one that I liked fell onto a cushioned chair. What luck that it was perfectly positioned to catch it. The other tea kettle was tin, so no biggy there. I also had a mini shade come out of the bracket and fall in the upstairs bathroom.

As a precaution, I took down ALL my framed pictures, a large clock, small shelves and other items hanging on the outer walls.

The cats have mostly stayed in the basement although both cats were upstairs for a while. Even Waldo ventured up for a bit, which surprised me, becus he usually runs to the basement when someone even knocks on the door. He's very timid.

I think they are also putting up the Dow wrap and the 3/4 inch foam insulation as they go. Or at least they started to. The vinyl will come tomorrow. The contractor assured me they would have the walls covered before they left tonight, as it might rain.

I'm very excited to see this job done. It's going to look like a new house when they're done. I hope my plants survive. I hope they do a good job with cleanup.

However, the timing could have been better. I'm preparing for my job interview tomorrow, pulling my portfolio together, etc. and it's very difficult to think with all this racket.

I also ended up going to the doctor's because of that tick bite I had. I've been a little headachey, so don't want to take any chances just to save a few bucks. I'll start on 3 weeks of antibiotics tonight and I also ordered $80 worth of special herbs online as a follow-up. It was herbs that cured my Lyme last time after antibiotics failed to completely do the trick.

4 Responses to “All hell breaking loose”

  1. LuckyRobin Says:

    If they are anything like our roofers you'll be finding bits of shingles and nails for years to come. *laughs* One piece of advice, check your driveway and your tires daily. I got a roofing nail in one of my tires because of the worker's carelessness.

  2. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    Oh the noise! Oh the pictures and shelves falling!

    When I had roof and siding done it gave me something like reverse agoraphobia. House-aphobia? I had to get out of there. Between the banging and the men hanging on ladders at window level I had to get out of there. I walked a couple miles to a greasy spoon restaurant that I knew would let me sit all day sipping coffee as long as I didn't curse at the other customers or steal all the TP in the restroom.

  3. patientsaver Says:

    Believe me, if it weren't that i wanted to "be there" for my cats, I wouldn't have stayed here all day.I was really getting stressed by the noise and seeing them at every window.

    As i moved my car out of my driveway so they could leave, he said you may want to leave your car parked here (not further up the drive) becus there are a lot of nails. They seemed to do a pretty good job of clean-up so hope they'll do the driveway too.

    I was so paranoid about asbethos dust getting in the house. Even with the windows closed and locked, some fine dust made it onto the inside window sill. After they left, I took piles of wet paper towels and wiped down the sill on the inside and outside cus there was more debris/dust on the outside sill. Then i sealed up the bags and out they'll go.

    There's a 30% chance of rain tonight, 50% chance tomorrow. I just have to hope it doesn't rain tonight, becus though they already have the Dow Wrap and foam insulation on most of the house, they didn't put the gutters and downspouts back on, so if it rains, all that water will shoot straight down the house.

    They also squashed some plants, but too many that i could see so far. I think they'll survive.

    I have such a headache.

  4. dmontngrey Says:

    Things I wish we were told ahead of time! When the siding was done on the end of our condo, it knocked the sheetrock off the heads of the screws in the wall!! Everything hanging on the wall was knocked down as well. I can't reach some of these now bare screw heads on our third floor. They are quite noticeable. Oh well.

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