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The young 'uns are coming along

June 2nd, 2011 at 07:08 pm

I'm talking about my vegetable garden, of course.
That's it, the fence-in area in the background.

This is actually my front yard, which is much bigger than the back yard. I chose to put the garden in here because it gets much more sun.

Tomato plants (there are 8 of them....cherry, beefsteak and roma seedless) look pretty good. They're staked and hooped and I'm just waiting for the little yellow flowers.

Lettuce: I planted more lettuce (3 rows) than I ever have before, mainly because I had the seed, I guess. It's looking good, but pretty small, not ready for picking. Some of the seed was left over from last year, so the germination rate, as you can see, was ot 100%.

Broccoli: Umm, some plants look better than others, which are riddled with insect bites already.

Bell peppers and string beans: These look worst of all! I mean, how easy are string beans? But both have been attacked by insects quite a bit. I planted another row of string beans just to ensure myself of harvesting something should the first planting not make it.

Today I planted snow peas, somewhat late, I know, but they grow quickly.

After chalking it up as a "miss," I see my Swiss chard, some of it anyway, is actually coming up. Very, very tiny.

There's one potato plant coming up and looking healthy, from a potato tuber in the ground that I missed last year, apparently.

I squeezed in some zucchini and acorn squash; the seedlings look very healthy at this point, though it's just the first two leaves.

Cucumber seedlings are up also, and i planted a few more seeds after seeing that 2 of the 3 hills only had 1 seedling up.

Egyptian walking onions are thriving; I actually pulled up one plant cus they were "walking" a bit too far! I tried slicing up one of the stalks just the other day and it added the expected oniony flavor to some coleslaw I made. They don't have much of a bulb, but you can east the flowers and stalks, which are quite a bit thicker, with a hollow inside, than a chive.

I have chives, too, but use them infrequently in cooking.

I love to make my own pesto in summer, so I planted four pots with basil. They're coming up, but they're very tiny.

That's about all I could fit in the fenced garden. I love growing my own food. Maybe there's still time to plant some corn??

Elsewhere in the garden, the peonies are in bloom.

This boxwood is three years old. I was sitting in the little Contemplation Park at the Episcopal church and snipped off a one-inch piece of boxwood from an established shrub there. i dipped it in rooting hormone and planted it. Voila! It's barely a foot tall now and I can't bring myself to start shearing it to shape it. Pretty soon, little friend. I only regret not planting a dozen more cuttings at the same time.

This is the area under the canopy of a large white pine in the yard that I recently cleared out. It always looks so messy and unkempt due to the variety of weeds that grow there. There's always been some poison ivy there, lots of wild garlic mustard and this spring I pulled out tons of Virginia creeper. Eventually i hope to have those ferns encircle the whole area under the pine.

A woman's work is never done.

3 Responses to “The young 'uns are coming along”

  1. Tightwad Kitty Says:

    Can you start triming your boxwood, then plant the cuttings to make the hedge.

  2. My English Castle Says:

    Lovely photos! We've been using the chives for a couple weeks and today harvested our first radishes. DD didn't like them, but I thought they were delicious.

  3. Jerry Says:

    Your garden is fantastic! Not only does it lead to fresh food for your family, but you have some measure of insurance against things like that horrible E. Coli outbreak in Europe right now... from organic cucumbers, no less. Enjoy the fruits (veggies) of your labors!

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