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The new washing machine purrs

May 17th, 2011 at 07:32 pm

It was delivered this morning around 9 a.m. after I got one automated and one live phone call from Sears telling me the 2-hour window of time I could expect delivery.

I was feeling some trepidation, the memory 15 years ago of when my old washer was delivered still vivid in my mind. Rude and unprofessional guys swearing up and down when they saw they couldn't drive their truck up my driveway hill and had to carry the washer up it.

Anyway, these 2 young guys were nice and polite.

I ran a load of wash to try it out and even though it's considered a "basic" model, I could see it had several upgrades compared to my old Whirlpool. And it is indeed much quieter than you'd expect, though since it's in my basement, noise isn't really an issue. But they even include a special section in the manual explaining how their new technology makes it so quiet.

I was surprised to learn after reading the manual that becus it's considered "high efficiency," even though it's a top loader, I should be using high efficiency laundry detergent. I have at least 3 full gallons of regular, and i don't plan on throwing them away. Anyone know what the special detergent does? That was one thing the phone rep didn't mention.

After getting the washer delivered, I ran out for a trip to the landfill, to deposit some checks at the bank, to vote in my town's budget referendum, to return some DVDs to the library and to pick up some spinach for a barley/mushroom casserole I made for lunch.

I got a revision back on another press release I did and so was able to distribute it to the media. I scheduled a phone call with my other real estate client for 1 pm today, but she ended up being a no-show when I called her. At least I was able to clear my plate before getting involved in her bio.

I'm snacking on crackers and am bored silly with my diet. Someone suggested nuts and seeds, which I could do, though I would find them kinda dull, too, and dry. I have a nice nut and seed mix from Costco, but it contains dried cherries, so that would be a no-no.

I'm afraid I'll have to break my one-fill-up-a-month rule as tomorrow I'm headed to another free dinner and MS doctor lecture sponsored by the pharma company that makes the Copaxone I take. I only have a quarter tank of gas left and would feel better filling up before i go to that tomorrow evening.

I like to go to these dinners whenever i can, usually every other month, which i could never make when i was working f/t. I'm working so hard to not spend ANY unnecessary money, so these free dinners go a long way in making me feel a little pampered and indulged. I enjoy the social aspects of it and like seeing new doctors I don't know do the lectures. Although the one at tomorrow's lecture is my own doctor, whom i'm not really crazy about, but stick with becus the hospital he's affiliated with is closest to me and speed and convenience is important when you have a relapse and need treatment.

It may be difficult to meet my gas goal in June as well, becus my neighbor has already asked me if i would ferry her to some of her rehab therapy appointments once she goes back home. I really don't feel like doing it; i feel i've done so much for her already, and her daughter, who lives in neighboring town, is only now getting involved in caring for her own mother. I think i possibly embarrassed her last summer when her mother was telling her how much i helped her organize her tag sale. She and her daughter weren't really on speaking terms for several years, though thank god that's finally changing. I like to help when i can, but i think sometimes she assumes i'll be available to her simply because i live down the road less than a mile away.

4 Responses to “The new washing machine purrs”

  1. MonkeyMama Says:

    I'd personally freecycle the old detergent - or give it away somehow.

    The HE detergent is low suds. The suds can really mess up a HE machine. If you had enough for a couple of loads - I'd probably just finish it off (using very little per load), but I wouldn't risk running 3 gallons of regular detergent through a HE machine, personally.

  2. patientsaver Says:

    I think you're right. I called a GE rep and basically, not a good idea to do a lot of. So mom is getting 4 gallons of regular detergent and I've added HE to my grocery list. I really think they should have mentioned this on the Sears website, just so I'd know....

    It's an energy star machine, but i didn't realize it was considered a high efficiency machine becus it's a top loader, not a front loader.

    live and learn, not a biggie i guess, though i'm betting the HE detergent is more expensive.

    The Ge rep said if you do use regular detergent, use half the normal amount.

  3. MonkeyMama Says:

    I don't know. I am partial to Tide, and it costs the same generally. Heck, usually on sale for cheaper.

  4. MonkeyMama Says:

    P.S. That said - could be a nasty surprise for DIY laundry soap makers. Is there DIY HE laundry recipes? Hmmmm...

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