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A nearly do-nothing day

May 16th, 2011 at 11:59 pm

Rather chilly here given the time of year. In the 50s, I think, but I've had the heat turned off for many weeks now and have no intention of turning it back on!

It was rainy, cool, and overcast all day. As a result, I did practically nothing. I'm going to make myself feel better about that by listing what I DID do:

* Distributed a press release I wrote.
* Rebuilt my PR list of media contacts by creating a new email address using my business name and typing in all the contacts with email info there. It took several hours, but it then allowed me to remove all of these same contacts from my personal email account, which has been hacked into by spammers who hijacked all the emails in my contacts list and sent them spam under my name. It's happened twice now, and I think I am vulnerable because since I'm home all day now, I like to keep the computer running and my email open all day long.

I won't have a need to keep the new email address open since I will use that exclusively to distribute press releases for my freelance work.

* I did as many Toluna surveys as I could
* Prepared for a call from an old/new client who could be calling tomorrow to discuss a bio she wants me to write for her.
* Prepared for delivery of the new washing machine tomorrow by clearing a pathway in the garage and basement and moving my car from in front of the garage so they can pull right up.

Umm, that's about it! I am finished with my homeopathic treatment for the yeast infection. I wasn't convinced I was "cured" yet (itchy), so I got a quart of unsweetened Kefir and 2 quarts of plain, unsweetened yogurt and have been consuming liberal doses of the stuff 3 times a day with meals. It's not all that tasty when it's plain and unsweetened. I'm also liberally dosing my morning breakfast cereal and whenever I have toast with cinnamon, which is also supposed to help according to my Natural Pharmacy book.

And I finally got REAL serious about cutting out sugars, fruits/fruit juices and dairy from my diet for the rest of this week at a minimum, or if I still have this yeast thing after that.

I had "thought" i was more or less cutting out the dairy and sugars, even as I knew I was cheating here and there. I was thinking I wasn't doing that badly because I don't eat lots of cakes, cookies or ice cream. Well, I was still really cheating quite a bit. I never realized how many sweet things and dairy things I regularly consume.

Back on Mother's Day, I made cream of carrot soup that called for a cup of light cream. So I froze the leftover soup. With the leftover cream I made rice pudding. I decided to freeze that too rather than eat it (or throw it away). I use skim milk in my breakfast cereal. Froze it and bought 3 quarts of pricey rice milk as a substitute. Can't touch the Tropicana in the freezer, either, and there's a slice of Swiss cheese hanging out in back of the fridge. Can't touch the preserves/jams in the fridge; using the cinnamon instead. Thank god i can still have my two cups of tea each day with a little Truvia. I'm going to STARVE this yeast infection out of me. I feel ok today, so maybe it's working. Hate to go back to the doc becus it'll mean more $ spent than anything else I do.

So as a result, my diet feels incredibly BLAND and BORING. Really boring. All I can safely eat is meat, vegetables and whole grain bread/rice. I'm not a big meat-eater, so it's a bit different. I find myself wanting to snack on something, but what?? I'm not a huge salt addict, and only very occasionally buy a bag of potato chips. What I usually snack on is something sweet, like the aforementioned rice pudding, dried apricots, a piece of fruit or sometimes a Blue Bunny ice cream cone.

2 Responses to “A nearly do-nothing day”

  1. Mozaik Says:

    can you snack on nuts and seeds [sunflower seeds]?

  2. LuckyRobin Says:

    Keebler makes a very good multi-grain club cracker that tastes good plain. It also doesn't take very many for you to feel full.

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