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Strangers in the driveway

April 16th, 2011 at 02:40 pm

I wonder what they wanted.

A little while ago, a van pulled up into my driveway. I could see people in it but I couldn't see who it was. First, even though i didn't recognize the van, I thought it was my dad because we'd talked about his coming up next week.

They sat there for about 5 minutes. I caught sight of a 3rd person getting back into the van. Couldn't see their faces. No one knocked at the door, and when I went outside, I saw no flyers or any leave-behinds.

I watched them back out and head down the street, then they turned into my neighbor's driveway. So they must be Jehovah's Witnesses or something. Although it's a little weird they didn't leave anything. I even checked inside my car, which was unlocked and sitting in the driveway.

I last spoke with my doc's office Thursday morning. At that, time symptoms of UTI were really bad. I had dropped off my 4th urine sample that morning; she said they wouldn't have the results until Friday. Friday came and went; she never called me, which was annoying since as I think she knew, I've been pretty uncomfortable and am getting anxious about not having been able to get rid of this thing.

But anyway, by Friday the UTI symptoms had given way to fairly pronounced yeast infection symptoms. I popped the 2nd prescription pill I had for it. It's better, but I can tell it's still with me.

I stopped drinking caffeine tea (started getting those headaches) and switched to decaf tea using Truvia, which is sweet but not like sugar. Gulping lots of acidophiles pills which seem to have no effect, which makes me wonder if the cultures are actually alive. Also eating lots of yogurt, though it's sweetened. Also bought and am consuming cranberry pills 3x a day. Drinking more water.

Doing all this seems to have eased the UTI symptoms but not the yeast infection. The symptoms seem to keep changing and it's a little difficult figuring out what my problem is. Now that it seems to be more a yeast problem, I ordered a product online called Yeast Arrest, which contains boric acid which my natural health book says works very well. Also ordered mannose when my symptoms were more along UTI lines. I haven't even gotten it yet, but oh well. Good to have in the house i guess, or in case it comes back.

I can't imagine how difficult it would be dealing with this if I were working full-time, between running to the doctor's, the pharmacy and dropping off urine samples. I've now given them 4 urine samples for god's sakes!

I did some research online and got scared when i saw that drug-resistant yeast infections or UTIs are very common, at least based on all the women online talking about their troubles with it. And of course, it's killing me to keep shelling out $ here and there for prescriptions or the natural remedies, but I've got to get healthy again.

Neither of the 2 employers I interviewed with called me this past week, so i think my chances of getting an offer or 2nd interview are pretty slim now. That's a huge disappointment.

It seems like the demands on my money are coming from every single quarter, from my local town, which wants to increase property taxes by over 3% (surrounding towns find a way to have a 0 increase in their budgets), to the state, which is making cutbacks, we all know how bad the federal deficit is, local food and gas prices, etc. The only way to find my way out of this horrid mess, if only to stay even, is to find a job.

I got in the mail the 1st of 2 $20 Target gift cards because I'm participating in a Lyme Disease tick study and use of an herbicide spray on perimeter of my yard. Given the money pressure I'm feeling, I guess I'll have to use that money on food items and nothing else. And despite extreme reluctance, I've gone back to doing those incredibly tiresome online surveys, becus doing them steadily (daily, throughout the day), I was able to average in the past $80 a month. Much needed money.

2 Responses to “Strangers in the driveway”

  1. laura Says:

    The Jehovah's Witnesses have been in my neck of the woods quite a bit this past week, too. Must be their Annual Recruitment Campaign or local mission trips.

  2. anon-y-mouse Says:

    I treat my yeast infections by using plain yogurt as a suppository. I think the direct contact is better than taking something orally and waiting for it to reach its site of action.

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