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Amex year-end summary of my spending

January 23rd, 2011 at 02:09 pm

Don't know if they've always done this, but i just noticed a nice, neat little summary of my Amex charges on my account there, online.

I charged a total of $7,065 in 2010 (paid off in full, of course) and they broke it down into the following categories:

$6026, merchandise and supplies, 85% of total spending
$757, transportation (that would be for gas), 11%
$112, business services, 2% (don't know what this is)
$106 , communications, 1%
$101, entertainment, 1%
0, restaurant and travel

My general goal is to charge as much as possible on this card since it's a cash back card.

On today's agenda:
1. go back to Ace and get a bag of calcium chloride
2. fill up some pantyhose with calcium chloride and lay it across an ice dam
3. meet Mike the ice dam/snow removal guy at 2 pm so he can give me a price
4. go to neighbor's for "tea" at 4 and collect some fresh eggs from them

I feel a little better about the whole mess with the ice and snow damage. While my one friend was somewhat alarmist about ripping out walls and stuff, another friend said that was maybe not necessary, that he'd had water infiltration from ice dams and all he did was repaint and he never had problems again. My neighbor behind me also had water damage and is pretty calm about it but he's able to do the repair himself, if need be.

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