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How it's goin'

October 2nd, 2010 at 01:26 pm

Got my first paycheck yesterday, It was a small one cus it was just for 3 days work. The next one will be a biggie. Smile

On day 6 at the new job, the other writer who started the same day I did was terminated! Don't know why, just told they were "having some problems" with him, which surprised me becus he seemed easy to get along with and competent as far as I knew.

I guess it takes someone getting fired to reassure me I'm doing ok. Because after working largely on my own with very little feedback on how I was doing for 6 days, I started feeling uneasy because I really didn't know what they thought of me. And as a brand new employee, that's an uncomfortable feeling.

But after they let the other person go, I was reassured by both a staff person at the job and the recruiter that I was doing fine. The recruiter said the company was "more than ecstatic about the level of your job performance" and the staff person said they were "so happy with the way I fit in so quickly."

Wow. I was really surprised, but relieved.

In other news, September was a very spendy month, to the tune of $4,200 in expenses, due to some really big bills that came all at once: $638 for my annual sewer loan payment, $410 for Waldo's vet visit and $700 spent on clothing and foot wear for the new job. I know that sounds terrible for the clothing, but with that money I bought:
1. 4 pairs of dress slacks
2. 3 pairs of corduroy pants
3. 1 pair of boots
4. 1 pair of shoes
5. 2 sweaters
6. 4 blouses
7. 1 suede jacket
8. 1 light rain jacket
9. Lowered the heel on 2 pairs of shoes at cobbler
10. 1 outer wear vest
11. 2 bras, 2 panties, 6 socks

Sounds like I completely re-outfitted my wardrobe, but I guess it was mainly for 2 reasons: 1. the new job is NOT business casual,and 2. I put on about 12 pounds over the past year, causing me to go up one size. While I was out of work I didn't care how I looked so much and I got by in my jeans and t-shirts.

3 Responses to “How it's goin'”

  1. Analise Says:

    It's good to know your new job is working out. You really did get A LOT of clothing for $700 and I am sure you are set for a while.

  2. Ima saver Says:

    Good news about the job!! You really did need those clothes!

  3. Jerry Says:

    Wow, that would be kind of disconcerting to see the new guy booted to quickly! But hey, it leads to you knowing exactly where you stand, so that is great. And terrific also that you can have some insurance of income, and the new wardrobe as well. Congratulations across the board!

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