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Sunday stuff

September 12th, 2010 at 08:35 pm

I'm trying to make every day count before the job begins. My start date is still TBD, but I'm guessing it'll be 9/20.

So yesterday I spent $200 on clothes. I got 3 pairs of slacks ($25 ea), 1 blouse ($10), 1 sweater ($52), a 1ightweight jacket and 2 bras ($14 ea). Everything was reasonably priced, except for that sweater, and I'm debating whether I should return it. I mean I like it, but I'm not in the habit of spending that much on one piece of clothing. I got everything at Macy's, and between my coupon and all the sales they have, it's sometimes hard to tell exactly what price an item will ring up at the register.

I was also looking for a good pair of shoes in navy, but could not find navy anywhere, except in suede which i don't like cus once it gets dirty or scuffed, it's hard to clean. I also wanted navy pants, but again, the clothing industry has something against this color, for I could not find navy slacks.

I think I'm going to get a half inch taken off the heals of 2 pairs of leather shoes I have. They're just a little too high to be comfortable in all day long. I meant to do it years ago, but at about $15 each pair, I hesitated. Now I think I'll do it as the shoes are in good condition.

Yesterday I also caulked, sanded and repainted the tops of the outdoor trim above 3 windows on the house. I'm glad I'm getting to this, though I'm not sure I'll be able to do the rest of the windows. Next I have the back of the house, which will be easy to access.

I started reading a big fat Nolo book on estate planning, just to brush up. I probably should do a review of variable annuity product features. It's been a while.

I made a BIG pot of chili today so I could use the tomatoes from the garden I cooked up yesterday. I had to use it today becus there is NO room in my freezer. So I added green bell peppers from the garden, plus dried kidney beans I soaked and cooked beforehand, plus onion and ground turkey and chili powder.

I just saw the second half of a charming movie on Channel 11 (WPIX) about the life of chidren's author Beatrix Potter. It starred Renee Zellwiger and it was just delightful with wonderful scenery. I was entranced.

I really need to lose weight. There's nothing like a department store dressing room mirror to make that painfully obvious. I've been telling myself to walk all day, but have yet to go.

6 Responses to “Sunday stuff”

  1. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    How much do you like the sweater? Will it go with many things, i.e. have many possible combinations? Does it look like something that might last for ten years? etc., etc. Depending on your answers, the sweater might be worth it -- or not.

  2. Susan Says:

    I know what you mean about department store mirrors-I was offered( and accepted) a position about 2 months ago for which i had to get an appropriate wardrobe- I had NOTHING suitable and limited funds- anyway I was horrified when I actually started trying on clothes-("who is that fat girl in my dressing room?")- So weight loss is on my list too-
    I agree with you on the hunt for navy slacks-nowhere to be seen- I stuck with black and gray-

    If you LOVE the sweater, think you will wear it and it will last then keep it- If not then return it

  3. nmboone Says:

    If it's a nice sweater that you really like, I don't think $52 is that extravagant unless it puts you back. 70 to a hundred dollars I would have agreed to take it back.

  4. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    Yeah, I'd go ahead and keep the sweater as a celebration of the new job!

    Hey, I've been looking for navy throw rugs for a couple years. That color has been so out of favor for so long that it's got to be coming back into fashion soon.

  5. My English Castle Says:

    I read navy was "the new black" but maybe it hasn't made it to us yet! I saw that Beatrix Potter movie--isn't it called "Miss Potter"? I thought it was charming.

  6. Homebody Says:

    I really hate shopping. When I do it, everything is evaluated by how fat it makes me look! Does it hide my muffin top?

    Wow you are getting a lot done!

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