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Hot Enough For You Yet?

July 5th, 2010 at 06:51 pm

Keeping cool has been uppermost on my mind the last few days, and will continue to be top of mind for all of this week, judging by the forecast.

Right now, at 2:30 pm, it's 92 outside in the shade, 76 downstairs in my house and about 80 upstairs. Being central AC-less, I have an assortment of towels, sheets and small blankets covering my windows. The house has a cave-like quality to it now.

Had lunch with mom yesterday. She made a yummy sockeye salmon salad over lettuce with an absolutely, knock-down delicious potato and beet salad. You might not think beets go with potatoes, but they do. One key was serving it at room temperature. It had so much more flavor.

I was going to hit Shop-Rite after lunch with her, but after that wall of heat hit me when I left her place, I wilted and headed home.

I next planned to get groceries early this a.m., around 8 a.m., before the heat got too bad. This, too, failed to get me out of the house.

Now, I have a haircut scheduled for 5 pm today, down by the mall, so I can surely hit Shop-Rite on my way home.

I was worried about Waldo, who was throwing up last night. He had a hairball, but I wondered if heat stroke might also be part of it, as he was lying on the floor of my upstairs closet and panting. He didn't eat or drink until this a.m. He has eaten very little, but at least he's rehydrated himself.

So I caved in and dragged down the small window AC from the attic and put in in my upstairs bedroom, the hottest room in the house, not counting the upstairs bathroom. I can't run it during the day becus the sun beats down on it, but I've closed the door to that room off so the cats can't go in there to sleep. They're creatures of habit, but as I said, it's the hottest room of the house. It's much cooler downstairs in the center of the house. I also closed doors to all my upstairs rooms except office, and also the sun room and the family room downstairs. Those rooms heat up quickly becus they have so many windows. I also got my thermal floor length curtain out and put them up on the family room French doors. I usually use them during winter, but I figure this will also insulate heat exchange through the glass doors.

I've been hand pollinating my squashes and am thrilled to pieces to see several cute zucchini and several spaghetti squash forming on the plants. The first zucchini will be ready to be picked in another day or two. Lots of green tomatoes. Many flowers, but no fruit forming on the cucumber plants and i see no acorn squash forming, either. Pole beans are just now getting their flower buds.

Did I tell you the Census Bureau has called, inquiring whether I wanted to work in "the next phase of the operation." The caller couldn't tell me what the work would entail; I'm hoping it's not more door-to-door chasing after residents, but regardless, of course I said yes. It requires one more day of training, which is this Thursday.

4 Responses to “Hot Enough For You Yet?”

  1. NJDebbie Says:

    I hope Waldo feels better soon. We broke down today and turned on the AC. ;( Its a scorching day in northern NJ too.

  2. Ima saver Says:

    Thank goodness it is still cool in the mornings here, so the a/c doesn't usually have to turn on until about 6 pm.

  3. dmontngrey Says:

    If it wasn't for the mutts (and turtles) I wouldn't have a/c!! Boy they are spoiled...

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