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Today's 10 accomplishments

June 25th, 2010 at 10:00 pm

1. Two loads of wash, hang dried.

2. My (hopefully) last Census meeting, to sign some paperwork.

3. A torque check after getting my tires rotated.

4. Some groceries at Shop Rite.

5. Got a pork shoulder in the slow cooker and it's been cooking all day long. Dinner tonight: Pulled pork sandwiches with barbecue sauce, my homemade potato salad and homegrown salad. Fabulous......

6. Weeding

7 Talk with pseudo step-mom on the phone.

8. Mailed a package at UPS.

9. Homemade pizza for lunch featuring goat cheese, onions, garlic, olive oil, spinach and fresh basil.

10. I posted an ad on Craig's List looking for a male kayaking partner and I got 3 responses. One lives too far away and I responded to the other 2 as well. One may have lost interest becus i told him I wasn't interested in anything romantic. We'll see. And I'll be careful. Meet for coffee first.

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  1. jaine Says:

    Sounds like a very productive day!

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