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Another Craig's List sale victory

February 25th, 2010 at 11:29 pm

I've sold a number of items on Craig's List in the past 5 months, but there were plenty of things that didn't sell. I was feeling particularly discouraged when none of my postings the week before Christmas attracted any interest, but after reading recently of someone's success here after several attempts selling the same items, I posted mine again.

Am pleased to report I sold 2 Made in Russia die-cast toy cars today for $35. I had a Russian penpal for years, and she sent them to me. I really had no use for them and aside from the interesting Russian writing and photos on the boxes, they weren't anything I felt like keeping.

One was a taxi and the other was a rather nondescript family sedan.

They're rather obscure items, but you only need one person with an offbeat hobby to see it, and that's exactly what happened. For my safety, I decided to suggest we meet at a nearby Starbucks; he thought I was simply being helpful when I really didn't want to invite a stranger into my house.

Turns out he's collected both die-
cast toy cars and Pez candy dispensers for years. His license plate says "Pez Man." He has several hundred cars in his collection from all over the world, but these were among the first Russian ones he's gotten as they're hard to find, he explained. When he said I "made his day," I beamed inside.

When I posted these cars before, I listed them at $40. I have a feeling that there's no need to reduce the price in successive ads, because it seems that if someone decides they want it, price isn't really a factor, as long as it's in the realm of reason.

I also find it interesting that most of my sales have all been to men. Who says that women are the shoppers??

So it was gratifying to sell my stuff to someone who really valued the items. He gave me 2 $20 bills and said if i didn't have the change, don't worry about it! (I did.) He even offered twice to buy me a coffee, since we were at Starbucks.

Otherwise, not much new. Was turned down for what would have been a lucrative, steady online freelance job writing on a subject I have a lot of background in. They said they hired someone else. At least they let me know, but I was bummed nonetheless. When will I catch a break?

Raining all day today and will be turning to snow tonight and then won't stop until Saturday. I rescheduled a haircut from tomorrow to Tuesday. Seemed the prudent thing to do.

I had some leftover spinach from another recipe so i went on to look for other recipes using spinach. I decided to try the "comfort soup" with chicken broth, spinach and meatballs. It was not bad, but i would make some changes should i make the recipe again. It's your basic, what do you call it, wedding soup?

A new electric utility company i've signed up with has a website with all sort of shopping discounts, and they give you a free $500 when you switch over to them, so basically, i can get 2 for 1 deals at lots of local delis and fast food joints, among other things, for the next decade or so.

Feeling glum today. Don't see any light at the end of the unemployment tunnel yet and it's getting discouraging.

3 Responses to “Another Craig's List sale victory”

  1. monkeymama Says:

    Actually, I have been surprised how little people will generally haggle. A lower sales price often spurs more interest in an item.

    But, way to go! I didn't have the patience this last year and ended up freecycling a lot of stuff, instead. I Feel like it has been harder to sell things, BUT easier to give things away. Something I listed for $10 for MONTHS would not get any interest, but would get 100 replies if I offered it for free. I am just glad to have de-cluttered so much.

    P.S. Funny about it being mostly men.

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    Congratulations on your sale! My sales have been primarily women. Smile

  3. gamecock43 Says:
    1267203495 always makes me feel better when my junk is someone elses treasure. Wasnt doing me any good but giving me a headach- but someone else is delighted everytime they see it.

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