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Up to my old (sleepless) habits

February 16th, 2010 at 08:42 am

If you stop by here on occasion, chances are you've heard mention of my recurrent insomnia. Four years ago, I discovered sleeping pills and became dependent on them, but even then, I'd often awaken in the wee hours of the early morning,any time between, say, 3 and 5 am, unable to return to sleep.

Not liking the idea of being dependent on pills, and since they didn't guarantee a good night's sleep anyway, I resolved about a year ago (?) to kick them completely. It wasn't too hard to do, although my sleep cycle was ransacked. I noticed, though, that no matter how crappy a night's sleep I got, I could still get through a day at work. I just pushed through it, night after night.

Then, i don't even remember when, exactly, i started sleeping more restfully. Until now, i honestly didn't even think about it. It's like an ache in some part of your body; while it's there, you're very much aware of it, but once it's gone, you don't even notice its absence.

Surprisingly, my restful sleep even continued through my unemployment of the last 5 months. That is, until 4 or 5 nights ago when i noticed i was waking up early in the a.m. again.

And that's how you find me typing this post at 3:39 a.m. Can't sleep.

Could underlying worry about my job situation finally be catching up with me? Perhaps. I try to push the worry and anxiety away into the recesses of my mind because nothing good can come from worry.

I sure hope this return to fitful sleep isn't here to stay. It makes you tired at odd times during the day, makes you tired early in the evening and generally messes up your day. Even if you have no job to go to.

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7 Responses to “Up to my old (sleepless) habits”

  1. ceejay74 Says:

    I'm sorry to hear that it came back. As you can tell, I have insomnia as well, but I think mine is strictly pregnancy-related. Woke up at 2:30 a.m. and haven't been able to get back to sleep.

    I hope you're able to conquer yours again soon.

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    I wouldn't be surprised if it came back because of worry. I've definitely had restless sleep in the last few weeks...maybe DH's overseas trip?

    Good luck getting back on track!

  3. Broken Arrow Says:

    Hmm, I don't know what's causing this. Just wanted to say that I hope you will be able to rest easier soon.

  4. momcents Says:

    I really hope that you can return to a more normal sleep pattern soon!

  5. Analise Says:

    Hope you can get past this. I'm sure you've tried some home remedies... drinking a cup of warm (not hot) milk with a T. of real vanilla or a cup of chamomile tea helps me.

  6. cptacek Says:

    I was going to ask...have you changed eating habits? I know when I eat more carbs I have a hard time sleeping, unless the carbs come in a bottle and are made of barley Smile

  7. baselle Says:

    cptacek - hah hah. those are the worst carbs for me!

    Normally I sleep well, but I've been undergoing the hormonal summer of peri-menopause and with it some night sweats. I'm not soaky sweaty (yet Frown ) but I do wake up from them. Hence no continuous good night sleep. I feel for you ... could this be an issue?

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