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January 20th, 2010 at 01:15 pm

I was incredibly saddened and disappointed to hear morning newscasters say, "Health care reform is dead" with the defeat of Massachusetts Senator Coakley.

It's something that I felt would have really made a difference in my life, having a chronic health condition.

For the life of me i can't understand the opposition so many voiced. There seemed to be such a groundswell of support. We've all heard the stories of people whose financial lives were turned upside down by a sudden illness, surgery or other medical debt, or of people who decided to get divorced just so they'd be able to get or keep health insurance for their family or of people who had to make choices between paying the utility bills or paying for their prescriptions.

So what's going to happen to these people now? Will everything just remain the same? Why does corporate America (in this case, meaning the health insurance industry) continue to dictate how we live our lives? Yeah, capitalism and is great and all that, but why does profit trump doing the right thing, time and again?

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  1. homebody Says:

    They need to find a solution that addresses these issues other than overhaul the entire system costing trillions of dollars that we are borrowing from China. That was my opposition. Plus we already have Medicaid for the really needy poor, they either need to expand that or look for other solutions. I too have a couple of chronic conditions and was paying almost $500.00 a month for just my coverage when I got my new job. Do you not have health care coverage in your job? Do you need to train for another job? Are you unable to work? My daughter is waiting to hear on a dispatch job where one of the other people she met is paraplegic. He can work, it may be harder for him to get around, but he still works. I am sure he would qualify for Social Security Disabiity and be taken care of forever, but he is only 35 and wants to contribute. Maybe you need to find another solution than waiting for someone to fix things. I am not trying to be mean, but tax payers cannot afford to fix everyone's problems. Heck we can't even afford what we have now, thus the borrowing from China.

  2. ceejay74 Says:

    Unless they do a budget reconciliation (which will not be as permanent a healthcare reform as the vote would've), yes, the rich will get richer and everyone else will keep getting sicker and dying younger. This was a money issue, and even though a majority of Americans consistently polled that they wanted healthcare, the money talks, not voters. That's our current society. I'm awfully crushed myself. My partner just got employer-sponsored healthcare, but they won't cover her high blood pressure or anything related to that for a year, because it's a pre-existing condition. This bill would have put a stop to practices like that.

    homebody, the reform was going to be budget-neutral. It wouldn't have added to the deficit.

  3. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    You know who is broken-hearted? My mom who is a Medicare recipient in her 80's. She says she has lived her life and she wishes she could transfer her coverage to a young family who cannot afford insurance. On the other hand, my Dad who also is on Medicare is pleased as punch at the idea that a national plan might go down in flames.

  4. patientsaver Says:

    Homebody, I don't accept the status quo just becus that's the way it is, if it's based on badly written laws that unfairly penalize millions in this country. I mean, what's the use of having health coverage if half the conditions aren't "covered?" Pre-existing conditions? Half the population has either diabetes or high blood pressure or dozens of other ailments. Why shouldn't they be covered by health coverage they've been paying for all along?.

    In answer to your question, yes, i had health coverage at my last job. I was laid off a few months ago and am continuing to buy health coverage thru COBRA.

    If, god forbid, i can't find work before COBRA ends, then I end up having to make the choice of either paying for my MS medication at $1300 a month out of pocket (I don't think so, I'm middle class, not rich), or paying a premium for getting into some high risk pool in my state. You say find another alternative instead of waiting for them to change the system. Why should I have to impoverish myself or risk my health becus i had the misfortune to lose my job during a prolonged recession when jobs do not abound?? There is something wrong with a system that forces such draconian choices on its citizens.

    My health is fine now, but why should a poorly

  5. Maismom Says:

    I do not understand the opposition, either. If people are against borrowing money from China, they should oppose all the wars we're in. U.S. spends too much money for military. Funny, some people don't find it's ok to spend money to kill people, but it's a waste of money to save people's lives. Kinda sad....

  6. homebody Says:

    They need to find a solution that addresses these issues other than overhaul the entire system costing trillions of dollars that we are borrowing from China. I am repeating my first sentence. We are at war. It is a fact. A very unfortunate fact. People need health care and cannot afford it or choose not to, another unfortunate fact. We need to address the issues for these Americans, not overhaul the entire system. Do you seriously think the backroom deals and buyoffs are a good thing? It is OKAY to kill the people who are trying to kill us.

    People make choices all the time. We chose to buy health insurance (and our own medications and preventative care) and not have the money for vacations.

    I am sorry, but I just do not believe the term "budget neutral". The proposal was taking money from Medicare and were projecting growth in the economy and tax revenue. Medicare is already in trouble and rich people will always find a way to avoid taxes, like move to another country!

  7. miz pat Says:

    I don't understand why people in California are driving to Mexico to buy perscriptions for more reasonable prices. People i work with who have medical coverage are still driving across the border to get medical procedures done. This has to tell us something.

    I think the problem is with the Medical institutions and sellers of perscriptions drugs.

    I come out of this with a deep desire to be proactive about my own health

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