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Another Craig's List Sale

December 4th, 2009 at 05:08 pm

I pocketed another $22 from the sale of a tripod bag. The gentleman, a retired engineer who spent most of his career at a local hospital, then took an early retirement package, traveled about 50 minutes to pick it up.

My bag isn't padded, but even then, the new ones seem to go for about $50.

If he had known how the economy would unfold in the past few years, he said he probably wouldn't have retired early. He says he spends his time doing wildlife photography and recently bought a wood tripod he never uses cus he doesn't want it to get banged around, hence the purchase of my case.

I finished a load of laundry this morning and billed a client for some freelance work. I called 2 survey/focus groups to see if anything's cooking, and the woman at one told me they're expecting some work coming in Tuesday, so I should call back then.

I love to express small bits of income in terms of what it can buy me. So that $22 will cover a month's worth of cable TV.

Yesterday I spent about $40 on a voice recorder. It's not something I would have chosen to spend money on now, but I bought it out of fear and concern that my neighbors' sons will escalate a little situation here. Last summer I complained to the town zoning that they were running a commercial landscaping business from their home. The noise from the trucks, trailers and equipment coming and going, plus repairs at times done 10 pm at night, is not something I want to live next door to.

The zoning enforcement officer kept giving them 30 days to find someplace to store their equipment, but i could see they were just ignoring that request and then I'd have to call zoning and tell them that nothing had changed. Each time zoning would talk to them and they'd say we need a little more time. As far as I could see, they weren't doing anything differently, except they started hiding their equipment in the backyard, becus they didn't yet know it was me who complained and i guess they thought the zoning officer randomly saw the equipment herself during a drive-by.

Now, more recently, they've taken to driving their trailer and mowers up a long driveway that goes to the side of my house and to an interior lot where another family lives, and that family apparently gave them permission to leave their stuff there. Then, in the morning, i see my neighbors driving up to retrieve the trailer and head out for the day. So they're trying to circumvent town zoning laws by hiding their stuff at another nearby house. Amazing.

I guess by now they've figured out it was me who called zoning (i've had noise issues with them before, namely, the same sons pre-driving age driving their ATV and dirt bike around the yard) becus 1 of the 2 sons who has the business has taken to revving/racing his engine as he drives up that driveway, or past my house.

The other morning, one of the sons banged on my door. I didn't answer the door, but i have now purchased a small, hand-held voice recorder I intend to play if he comes to my door again. I'm sure he will be very angry and i want a record of any altercation if things continue to escalate.

The 2 sons are about 19 or 20, and the zoning person told me the one she spoke to slammed the phone down on her. If i hold the recorder in my hand, it looks very much like a cell phone. I am most concerned about vandalism to my house or property, and i have taken to parking my car in the garage now, which i don't usually do unless it snows.

It's a little stressful, and I'm not walking in my neighborhood much, but this neighborhood has never been quiet, due mainly to this one family, and they are, after ones, the ones breaking town laws, not me. So I won't back down and will keep after zoning to enforce the law. This has been going on since July.

4 Responses to “Another Craig's List Sale”

  1. financeaholic Says:

    scary, be safe!

  2. Broken Arrow Says:

    Hmm. I think it's best not to answer the door, even if it means to record an altercation. Your complaints are legitimate, and you have the right to file your complaints. If they have a problem with it, they can deal with the authorities, not you.

    Besides, what precisely do they think they can hope to achieve by talking to you? After all, they're the ones violating zoning laws, so their issue is actually with the city. You're just the complainant.

    That's kind of important, if you think about it, because assuming that they actually realize this (I don't know how "smart" they are) then all they're doing is trying to intimidate you into submission. But it still doesn't solve any problems.

    And in a way, even if you are prepared with a voice recorder, you are giving them the time and space for them to implement that intimidation. But most important of all, you're putting yourself at risk. I don't know if that's worth it to you.

    In my city, whenever there's a zoning issue that needs to be enforced, the city or the complainant will eventually contact a police officer, as zoning violations are also citable infractions. I don't know if your city laws work the same way, but I would definitely try to get all the documentations possible from the zoning officer if you can. That way, if it does escalate to that, you have something to prove that they have indeed been repeatedly circumventing the law.

  3. patientsaver Says:

    I am guessing that they suspect it's me who complained, but they are not 100% sure. So they wanted to come to my door and ask me point blank. I'm also guessing that once I say "yes, it was me," they will possibly retaliate, and if I don't record their angry words when they come to my door, if i have to go to the police to report any subsequent vandalism, it will be just my word/belief/hunch they did it, with no real proof.

    A recording of angry words from them will go a long way to prove they had it in for me, and that's why my one chance is to catch them unawares if they come to my door again.

    If I simply avoid answering the door, my avoiding them consistently will eventually tell them I have something to hide. I don't feel I should have to "hide" from them.

    I'm not afraid of them and i doubt they'd do anything physical to me. We live next door to each other and it certainly would make it difficult to live with each other. Their parents just expanded their entire house, from a tiny ranch to a much bigger 2 story home, and i'm guessing they've got a home equity loan to pay off and they don't need legal bills or troubles.

    If anything happens, no matter how small, I will immediately report to the police to establish a written record. I think my mailbox, which is on the street, is most at risk becus they could easily bash it with a bat driving by and chances are i wouldn't see them.

    I'm glad it's not summer now becus they see me spend a lot of time in my (front yard) vegetable garden, and ransacking my garden is something that would really hurt.

    I just put a new padlock on my tool shed, which i haven't locked in 14 years.

  4. Broken Arrow Says:

    Yes, you're right of course. I'm just thinking about safety.

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