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Wow, people have been so nice to me...

November 2nd, 2016 at 05:03 pm

Three people in the past week have given me a break on the cost of something, like this:

1. I went to the dentist today and told the receptionist that becus I lost my job, I no longer had dental insurance and would be paying out of pocket. I asked her how much would the charge be and she said $180 for the cleaning and dentist exam.

I asked how much without the dentist's exam and she said $120. So I thought a minute and said, i think I'd like to get just the cleaning.

Well, the dentist came in after hearing the news and said he would do the exam at no charge. He was ready to also offer free x-rays, but then he remembered (or else read in my chart) that I don't like x-rays and anyway, had them taken fairly recently. He looked at my teeth and said everything was fine. Both he and the hygienist asked how my mother was doing and I had to tell them the bad news. Then the dentist said gee, between that and your job loss, you haven't really had a great year, have you? And I said, no, that's true, it wasn't great.

So I thought what he did was pretty nice. If you're a cynic, you might think he offered the free exam becus if there was something wrong, he would make money on any subsequent dental work. But I tend to think he was just being a nice guy.

2. I had my carpenter/handyman over yesterday to patch some holes behind my kitchen stove, which I posted about yesterday. A lot of cold, drafty air was coming in through there. When I asked him how much I owed him, he said $25 for the 1 hour he was here, plus the cost of materials ($15), but said that since I wasn't working and he actually was doing pretty well, $20 for his time would be fine. He said he likes to pay it forward. I was short on cash but fished around for loose change in my purse and came up with $20 plus a "gold" coin that gives you a discount at the local Big Y supermarket, where I know he shops becus I've bumped into him there. He seemed fine with it.

3. The guy who mowed my lawn this summer sent me his bill for October, when he happened to mow only one time. It was $40 plus tax, and after I wrote out the check, I said hmm, I could have sworn I was paying him $45 per mowing. So I looked up the old bills and I was right. Either he gave me a $5 discount or he just messed up. I'm fairly sure it was the former because the last time he was here, I happened to come home while he was mowing and i guess he was just in the mood to talk becus when he saw me he turned off his mower and started talking to me about all sorts of things, maybe just to get to know me. We talked for about an hour! He's actually very attractive, but he's married. Frown

So during that conversation he did learn I was laid off. And he was telling me that he just mowed lawns for "something to do" and didn't really have to work becus he was a co-inventor of some kind of road salt blend, which is now being sold by Home Depot and some other stores. So maybe he thought he'd give me a little discount?

Anyway, it really is a nice feeling when you know people are trying to help you out. Most of the time, the feeling I get is just the opposite...that people are just in it for the money and really don't care about you or your situation.

After the dentist, I had to go back to doctor's office becus I'm still getting daily headaches after taking antibiotics for Lyme for 3 weeks. We agreed to repeat the blood test and also test for the other 2 tick-borne illnesses, but she also gave me another 3 weeks of antibiotics to start right away if I wanted to, and I have started, though i don't like taking them. I'll have to go back to buying Kefir to replenish all the killed good bacteria and avoid an infection, and I'll have to watch my sun exposure.

The main thing, of course, is to get rid of the daily headaches. The last time I had a positive Lyme test was in 2012 and she said it was possible the original infection is resurfacing. In either case, the treatment is the same. I just hope it works.

I was also taking 4 different herbs along with the antibiotics. Two of them are listed as having headaches as a possible side effect, and I believe they at least contributed to my headaches in 2012, but at a much higher dose than I was taking this time around. But maybe I'm now more sensitive to the herbs? Not sure, but I agreed to cut out those 2 herbs completely. It's just a little scary becus the antibiotics don't always work, and that's why I was doing the herbs at the same time.

They're based on a well-known herbalist's research and you can find his website which is devoted to Lyme treatment by searching for Stephen Buhner.

6 Responses to “Wow, people have been so nice to me...”

  1. livingalmostlarge Says:

    good karma for a good person! Enjoy.

  2. Butterscotch Says:

    Great savings! Perhap the universe is trying to balance out what you over paid for the wipers and oil change last week.

    It was really nice if your dentist to give you a free exam. It never would have occurred to me the a dentist would do that for free in order to make money off the work that would come of it. I would just think he was being a nice person! I feel sorry for people who are so cynical. It must be exhausting to be suspicious of everyone's intentions. Too Hobbsian for me.

  3. creditcardfree Says:

    I think most small business are more flexible than large businesses. Glad you could still see the dentist.

  4. rob62521 Says:

    Glad folks are nice to you. Makes life so much happier!

  5. VioletsMoney Says:

    I enjoy reading posts with nice positive words! Your post was so enjoyable to read.

    Best wishes.

  6. frugaltexan75 Says:

    That's nice you had some good stuff to make up for the oil change!

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