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September 6th, 2016 at 05:44 pm

I haven't slept very well in the last few nights. Each night, the cats have been catching baby mice, which means there are probably a few more somewhere in the basement. Thus far they caught 3 baby mice 3 nights in a row and I caught 2 full grown mice in traps. I feel I need to make sure I get them all or they'll start reproducing. It's strange they would come into the basement when it hasn't been that cold yet.

I am feeling kind of wiped out today. My dad asked me yesterday if I could find a local Nissan dealer and follow him there becushe was having a problem with his battery draining and not recharging. Somehow, it turned into an all-day thing today.

So this morning I drove to dad's (15 minutes) and from there we found the dealer, about 20 minutes from where he lives. We waited there an hour for them to diagnose it, which they didn't do before their lunch break, so by then we left and went to lunch ourselves, back in the town where dad lives. Then he said to just drop him off at home becus he didn't anticipate them calling very soon and he didn't want to get stuck in rush hour traffic so he was planning on picking up his truck tomorrow.

I dropped him at his place and was going to leave, but i saw him hesitate. Turns out he didn't take his house key from the dealer when he gave him the car key! (I know he felt bad that i would have to drive him back to the dealer, but i did take advantage of the situation to remind him i had suggested months ago that he give me a spare key. Or at least get a spare made and leave it hidden somewhere.)Sigh.

So we knew we'd have to go back to the dealer after all, but first he said let's kill some more time, and why not get the meds for your cat, which I told him earlier i had wanted to do, so that was another drive in another direction. On the way back onto the highway, I pulled into our town's new animal shelter to show him the nifty outdoor cat shelter. It's about the size of a shed except the walls are all screen so the cats get the feeling they are outside.

We were about ready again to get on the road to the dealer when they called my dad and told him the remote starter he got after he bought the truck was somehow draining the juice from the battery but that he would need to bring it to whoever installed it to get it fixed. And that since the remote starter was an "after market" add-on, it would not be covered by the trucks's 3-year warranty so my dad would have to pay the $175 diagnostic charge, which they charge by the hour.

We get to the dealership and they have it all put back together again...with the after market remote starter. Dad and i both agreed this was not a good idea, becus he'd be taking his chances of the battery draining again and he'd be stuck somewhere. So we asked them to disconnect it, even though at the moment, they said, it was working perfectly fine.

We had to wait another half hour for them to disconnect it. Anyway, I finally got home around 4 pm.

Oh well. I'm happy to help dad out; he sure has helped me out many times.

I have a variety of little errands beginning to pile up, but nothing that can't wait.

2 Responses to “Tired!”

  1. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    That sounds like a tiring day. Good to be able to help your dad though.

  2. Thrifty Ray Says:

    talk about a day full! I would be tired too. but kudos to you for being an awesome daughter and helping your dad out!

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