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New credit card offer

April 11th, 2016 at 05:27 pm

I see that the Citi Thank You Premier offer of 40,000 points after a $3K spend is no longer available, so I decided to go with a more modest offer of $200 after a $1,500 spend with the TD Bank card.

However, I kick myself becus I usually take a screen shot of the offer so there's no question later about the reward. I saw the offer for $100 all over the place, but couldn't relocate the $200 offer.

So I just have to hope there are no snafus. The rep on phone assured me it would be fine.

I have someone coming over tomorrow early evening to look at the couch I want to get rid of. When I posted it for free last year, I got no serious inquiries. When I changed the price to $20, I got some interest by a Latino family in nearby small city. The wife kept asking me to give her my phone and address, which I wasn't about to do on public Facebook page, and I sent the phone number three times via a Private Message. Then someone named "Angel" called and we connected. I assume that's her husband.

I told them they can't park on the driveway due to the new asphalt; I don't know what kind of vehicle they're bringing, or even if they could possibly take it tomorrow when they come to look at it, but with a bit of an language issue, I don't want to take the chance, so I'll probably park my own (lighter) car at the bottom so they can't pull up.

The next challenge is getting them in to see the couch. I don't really want them traipsing through my living room and family room, and possibly bumping into my mother's art, so I plan to take them around behind the house (I will tell them it's on account of "our dogs") so we can enter my sun room, where the couch is. The sun room also has a wider door than front door, so it would be easiest for them to take the couch out that way.

The charity that had said they would take the couch a few weeks ago has since declined after I told them they wouldn't be able to drive their big heavy truck up the driveway, and could the men carry it down the driveway.

So that's why I'm back to trying to sell it myself and hope they can carry it down the driveway. Cus if not, the only other alternative would be trying to get my handyman to help me load it onto his truck (also too big to drive up the driveway) and we'd both have to carry the darn thing, which I'm really not up for.

My place is just bursting at the seams here and I have NO space, so I just don't want that couch here for another year, which is how long I'd have to wait til the driveway completely "cures."

2 Responses to “New credit card offer”

  1. creditcardfree Says:


    I see that offer listed on this website, but when I click on it, the website just shows the $100. If I come across one that works, I'll send it to you.

  2. frugaltexan75 Says:

    I hope you get rid of the couch!

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