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A new credit card booster site

December 9th, 2013 at 04:00 pm

For those of you who love to pursue rewards for new credit cards, you should love this site: www.rewardboost.com.

I've posted about it before.... It's a neat little site where you can open an account and then enter the names of all the credit cards you currently own. Then you can enter in the approximate amount of money you spend monthly on different categories of expenses, and the site will tell you which of your many credit cards offer the highest % points for any given expense category.

Yeah, you could figure this out by looking it up on the card website, but if you collect cards like I do, a site like this is really helpful in fine-tuning your credit charges so as to maximize your points.

They also have a nice little blog that summarizes the pros and cons of various rewards credit cards. I've opened (and closed) so many in the last few years, it's tough to find one I don't know about. One blog post contained some helpful advice about how to meet the upfront spending target if you're having trouble doing so, and the advice will probably be familiar to some of you, like buying gift cards for things you know you'll spend on eventually, or charging your car insurance and what not. I added another idea I had used: getting close friends to let me charge and pay for everything when we got together, and then having them reimburse me in cash....this evolved into letting me charge for larger purchases they planned to make, just to wrack up the charges on the card. With a very close friend you trust, or family, this is not too difficult.

I got my $108 bonus from Bank of America World Wildlife Fund card as well as my new Discover card, which offers a $150 bonus. It also provides your credit score....789 at Equifax. Here we spend again!

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