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Happily planning my next $ moves

September 25th, 2013 at 11:17 pm

The last 2 days I happily created a list of all the things I want to accomplish next week, before I start the bank job.

Among them:
1. Visit dad for an overnight trip in Jersey.
2. Get handyman back out here to do a few repairs.
3. Chimney cleaning.
4. Furnace cleaning.
5. Breast ultrasound.

I was crushed to hear back from the handyman who had been in a very similar position to me, financial-wise, when I first met him, but then had to put the work on hold when my 3-day-a-week furniture company job was downsized to "as needed."

Today he told me he also landed a big break and is supposed to start a new f/t guessed it, next week. He'll be building a large luxury home that he estimates will take a year to complete.

I really was counting on him. He's smart, knows what he's doing, wasn't trying to gouge me...I went back to the friend whose husband had recommended him. Friend says hubby has a ton of contacts in all the trades, so maybe there's someone else they can pull out of a hat.

I scheduled the chimney cleaning, but it won't happen til end of October becus they're booked up, and same thing with the furnace cleaning. Will have to call one of them back to see if I can put both jobs on same day so I don't have to ask my new employer to come in late or work at home on 2 days, just one.

As for the breast ultrasound, nurse at gynecologist's office isn't sure if doc will do a referral for me to get the ultrasound (dense breasts) without doing the mammogram as well. I've had mammograms yearly since age 40....they're not without controversy, you know, due to the not insignificant radiation. I just had that CAT scan, so I'd like to skip the mammogram for one year and just do the ultrasound. She said she'd call me back tomorrow and let me know.

Today at work I was talking to my manager when the CEO walked up to us. She held up a brochure in her hands and said, "Did you write this?" (Uh-oh, I think.) "Yes, I guess I did," I said. "This is fantastic," she said. "This is really fantastic. We've got to get this in the agents' packets," she directed to my manager. I asked her if I could have a copy and she told me that I wasn't getting hers and walked away. Smile

Today was the big gala event at local performing arts center to officially transition to the new brand, and 1400 agents would be there; CEO wanted my sales brochure in their information packets.

This, coming from a woman with a rep of being hard to please. I think this will further secure my ability to do more freelance work for them after I leave. Smile

I knew today would be an easy day and ending early for me, because both the agents from all over the state, and the staff at HQ, would be heading to the gala event around 2, and that's when I would have to leave. Also, I'm back to my usual insomniac ways, and I woke up again at exactly 3 am for the third morning in the row. As often happens, I started composing a blog I had told my manager I would write the next day. I had it all written out in my head! Fearful that I'd forget it my a.m., I got out of bed and typed it all down on my computer, then went back to bed, where before I knew it, I was composing the 2nd blog in my head. Wide awake now. That one, too, I had to get down on paper lest I forget my brilliant prose.

So anyway, it was easy to wrap these both up today. Sure was nice to have a few extra hours for moi late afternoon. I was able to mow the back lawn and change the hummer water, though I'm not sure if the hummer has left for Mexico already. Nights are getting chilly.

Speaking of chilly, the heat is not yet on, of course, but I did throw my winter comforter with flannel duvet (oh, it's SO comfortable) on the bed. Also partly due to one of the cats, ID unknown, having puked on two quilts AND a throw, meaning I had to strip the bed.

I'm looking forward to figuring out how to allocate my future weekly or biweekly paychecks. I like to set aside a fixed $ amount toward savings on the first of each month. I firmly believe that without setting goals, you'll never achieve anything worthwhile. So I need to set new goals for myself.

The month of September I will likely be way in the red, due to 5 large irregular expenses: 1. higher than average healthcare cost of over $300, due to headache issue, 2. the humidifier ($530), 3. the new hot water heater ($770), 4. an estimated IRS tax payment for my freelance work (just $125) and oil tank fill-up this week ($440).

Coming any day now will be the homeowners and car insurance totaling over $1,000. Yikes.

This month's income will be half of what would be needed to pay for all this stuff. I'll be catching back up to where I need to be soon.

I'm reading a new book which I really quite like. (See sidebar.)

Things didn't work out with Bachelor #2. I really was attracted to him, but I think we both realized that we wouldn't mesh because riding his "hog" (he has TWO Harleys) is a big part of his life, and he likes to take trips with them, like to NH, while I have zero interest in getting on a bike, at my age! I just don't think they're worth the risks you take with so many distracted drivers.

Just yesterday there was a one vehicle motorcycle accident; i suspect the biker was cut off or tried to cut someone else off at an exit. As the traffic crept by the crash, I saw the police leaning over the man, still on the bike and on the ground. He wasn't moving. So no, you won't get me on a bike.

Fortunately, there is now a Bachelor #3. Jeff by name. He's supposed to call tonight; if all goes well, I'll suggest a meeting next week. He sounds very mature, smart and balanced. Semi-retired from hedge fund trading, I think, and doing some volunteer work. I really don't know much about him aside from a few emails, but he sounds pretty nice and lives nearby.

2 Responses to “Happily planning my next $ moves”

  1. TashaC. Says:

    good luck with your date! Sounds like a catch!

  2. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    I hope the date goes well!

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