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Sometimes life sucks

May 10th, 2012 at 11:44 pm

Oh, don't mind me. My mood will improve eventually.

I just had a bad afternoon at the office today. Everything seemed to be blowing up in my face and the editor in chief was on my case. The other project editor was very kind and said she was ready to quit last year when ed in chief was similarly bitching at her, but someone else talked her out of it.

I kinda felt that way today and was glad to get out of there; i don't have to return til Wednesday, so after playing catch-up for missed work hours last week and not feeling like i was getting much of a break, i can now relish a stretch of time off to do other stuff.

The other reason i'm in a bad mood is today i received notice of my COBRA rate increase for the coming year. I knew this was coming. The big question was, how much more as I anxiously recalculated my budget for like the millionth time. I had read that on average, health insurance premiums were rising by about 7% this year, so that's what i was counting on, but no, Connecticut is higher. I guess my increase was in the neighborhood of 16.5%, more than double the nat'l average. My COBRA ws $469/month and starting June 1 will be $562. Oww.

I mowed the lawn tonight to get that out of the way. I have a bunch of stuff to do tomorrow. And then there's Mother's Day, which honestly, I'm in no mood to plan, but my sister hasn't volunteered to have any kind of get-together at her place for years. I see my mother ALL the time; i don't see why we need to have yet another obligatory get-together with my sullen sister. And me having to pull together some kind of meal.

I suppose i sound grumpy and selfish, but like i said, bad mood. Need to vent.

I need to do some planting and do a lot of work in the vegetable garden. I need to check to make sure my docs are all in network under the new plan and call to see if Teva Neuroscience has a discount plan with Anthem the way they do elsewhere. This is a huge help, since it means I have no co-pays for this drug.

Umm, the guy I met for coffee the other night? He was nice, but far too old for me. I hadn't paid much attention to his age when he contacted me online. I'm sorry, I'm not ready to date a senior citizen and it didn't help when the first thing he talked about when we met was how funny he felt when he applied for Medicare the other day. I'm not there yet!!!

The vast majority of men love to date women far younger than themselves, which might work for a while, but there comes a point when those same women who may have dated you in your 40s aren't interested in doing same when you're 64 and she's 52! Time to be a bit more realistic about what you can attract.

8 Responses to “Sometimes life sucks”

  1. NJDebbie Says:

    ((Hugs)) It's perfectly normal to feel discouraged. It seems that you have not been able to catch a break. Wishing you a rainbow after the storm.

  2. ThriftoRama Says:

    Funny about the Medicare reference on a date. Not sexy!
    He must have been out of the game for a while!

  3. Petunia 100 Says:

    Well, even though there was no real interest on your part, I still hope you had an OK time. You deserve to have a little fun!

    I hope you have a nice Mother's Day with your mom and sister, even though your sister pushes it all onto you.

  4. CB in the City Says:

    Men. Eh. Sometimes I think they get older and sillier instead of older and wiser.

    Sorry you had a bad day. I've had a few of those myself. The good thing is, they always pass!

  5. My English Castle Says:

    For me, when I have days like that, I can only take a bath, read, and go to bed.
    Or there's always that glass of wine....

  6. cheapiepoo Says:

    Must have been in the stars yesterday. I had a bad day myself. Hope your day is better. Totally agree with my English castle's comment!!

  7. Monkey Mama Says:


  8. baselle Says:

    I'd vent too if I had the day you had. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

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