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Big carpet cleaning project

March 5th, 2012 at 05:00 pm

All winter long, my mom's been blowing her nose constantly inside her condo. The windows are shut tight. So you know it's an allergy issue.

Every spring, if I open the windows on nice warm days, I can actually see a fine green dust on everything, which has to be dusted and cleaned off. Well, you don't actually see the GREEN until you use a white cloth to dust, and then it's really obvious. So I imagine my mother's got the same pollen that wafts in through the screens.

I think she's got pollen and god know what else embedded in her wall to wall carpeting. She keeps vacillating between ripping up some of the carpeting and replacing it with linoleum to improve her allergy issues. She can't afford to do the whole unit, though. She'd do her bedroom and the hallways and kitchen, which is old vinyl.

She's not sure that will fix things, and I suggested she let me clean her carpets with my Hoover first and see if there's any improvement. It's the cheapest and easiest solution.

So I'm going over there Sunday.

I had only one condition: 1. She MUST vacate the premises while I do the work. My mother hovers over you whenever you try to do anything, like lifting something she thinks is heavy. To her, 5 pounds is "heavy."

At first, she didn't want to leave, but now she has agreed to go to a gallery opening.

I told her she needs to vacuum first and get up off the floor any small objects she can manage. I'll do the rest. There's wall to wall furniture that I won't be moving. But once she leaves, I would like to try to heave up the queen-sized mattress on its side and rest it against the closet. (Can't tell her that, or she'll protest.)

I'm just doing the bedroom and hallways and see how it goes. LR, DR and stairs could be another time. Then she's got her loom room and a studio, but both are packed with stuff. I anticipate going over the same areas in the bedroom multiple times because I know the carpets are filthy dirty.

This Hoover I have got rave reviews at Amazon. I've been re-reading the manual tonight becus it's been a year or two since I used it.

The good thing is, the unit below her is vacant. I say that because this carpet cleaner is VERY, VERY loud. So loud, that I'm bringing air plugs, and maybe even my big muffler thingies. I hope the neighbor adjacent to her doesn't find it too noisy. Does noise travel sideways?

So I stayed for lunch at my mom's while my windshield wipers were getting fixed. After she dropped me off to pick up my car, I stopped to deposit a paycheck and also 5 DVDs from the library to satisfy my TV addiction.

I also sent a thank-you note to the president of the company I interviewed at last Friday. And did a bunch of online surveys.

1 Responses to “Big carpet cleaning project”

  1. Jerry Says:

    She is lucky to have you looking out for her, and I hope that your efforts lead to some help for her allergic situation. It'd be nice to have the added insurance of getting rid of the carpets altogether, but you can't force stuff like that. Good luck!

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