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Got a bunch of free paint

January 9th, 2012 at 07:01 pm

I noticed on Craig's List a woman in my town was giving away a bunch of free paint. all different colors, some full gallons, some less than full. Take one, take all.

So i went over this morning and she let me pry open the lids to check out the colors. I took about 10 gallons; a pretty periwinkle, a rose color, white, a sage green. All interior wall paints. I passed on the bubblegum pink and the brick red and the Ralph Lauren barn red. Who could put those colors on a wall?

But anyway, paint sure can be expensive...not that I would buy Ben Moore any more. I have a sinking suspicion i may not have enough Glidden to finish painting my spare bedroom. I have 3 quarts of an icy cool blue and I won't buy any paint to finish it if I do run out; can't justify it right now. I'm hoping one of the softer pastels I picked up today would complement the blue on the first wall. Not sure at this point. Maybe the rose will.

The Author asked me for a price to edit her 2nd book. This one should work out to be about 276 pages, as compared to the first one which was 407 pages edited! Holy mother of God! It was a long book. I gave her a price which I guess she's ok with because she said I should have it in a few weeks.

I have an interview tomorrow for a p/t or freelance job. i won't even go into detail about it becus it's not worth talking about unless I get it.

Wednesday my dryer will be delivered and I may have the Author over here on Friday so I can see the first book bound and collated. It's now in the hands of three avid book club readers for their impartial opinions/feedback. The first one, I'm told, loves it.

My mother stopped by today and I traded her 4 cups of organic sprouted legumes (lentils, azuki and something else) for a big bag of dried cranberries. I also gave her a bunch of crossword puzzles from newspapers that she likes to do. I told her I would steam clean her wall to wall carpeting, as she's having major allergy problems and wants to pay to have her ducts cleaned, which i think is a waste of money. I bought a steam cleaner a few years ago and used the thing once or twice, so might as well put it to good use. I'm sure the water will be black, as those carpets have never been cleaned.

I also saw someone posted a freebie on CL for flat file cabinets, the kind used to store blueprints or architectural drawings, which my mother would LOVE, but got no response, so someone else must've gotten them. They're in the same town where I'm going for my job interview tomorrow, about 45 minutes south of here, so it would've been perfect.

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