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My mundane life & boring stuff i did today

December 2nd, 2011 at 07:17 pm

Yesterday I emailed my contact at the publisher's to tell her i was done, and did they have more work for me. She emailed me back this a.m. and said I'll let you know. Haven't heard back from her since. This, on a project they're supposedly so behind on.

I suspect she knows very well whether there's more work or not for me but that her boss, the editor in chief, probably directed her to spend some time in reviewing the work I've done so far before they decide whether or not to keep me on.

So I still don't know. But sort of welcome the breather. So far I worked there 7 days and grossed about $830. Wondering if I should send in another estimated tax payment to IRS or risk a small penalty. I find it soooo difficult to determine what taxes I owe when I do contract work. Plus I sold a lot of mutual funds this year for the vinyl siding and prepaying the mortgage.

Today I ventured out and hit Costco (mainly for milk), Wal-Mart (mainly for cat food), the bank and the local newspaper (free 2012 calendar that I like to get each year, sort of an old-fashioned, retro look to it).

I must admit to buying an unnecessary item at Wal-Mart that I can hardly afford, given my situation. I spent $16 on a chocolate brown hoodie. I liked it becus it had a soft, warm, ecru fur lining inside.

I also saw some nice slippers there, just what my mother described wanting. They were a good brand, Dearfoam, I think. So i got a pair for my mother for Xmas.

When I got home, I decided to vacuum out my car, particularly the trunk which was filled with old, dried pine needles and stuff from all the tree branches I'd brought to the landfill.

Then, since I was already outside, I pulled the lawn mower out to mulch up some leaves on one area of the lawn, but it didn't do a good job cus the leaves were sort of embedded in layers on the ground. So I ended up raking them.

Then I said, what the heck, I really should clean up the garage a bit before it gets too cold. There were a bunch of leaves that had blown in on the floor, so I swept all that up. And I brought some stuff inside to the basement for winter storage, to make room for my car to fit.

I called my health insurer about my COBRA rate for next year and was relieved to hear the plan doesn't change til June, so I have time before what I'm sure will be another rate increase. God willing, I'll have a job by then. Or not.

I did as many online surveys today as I could. I was happy to see I got paid via Paypal ($15) by the guy who I edit emails for. Strange but true. Found him on Craig's List. He's an IT Director at a private prep school and I'm guessing he either has dyslexia or is ADHD so for the past month or so I edit the occasional email from him. Amazingly, I've always been at my computer when he sends an email. He always needs it done right away. The last one he sent was round 10:40 pm. Sometimes he sends them on Sundays. Hey, every little bit helps. I've made about $45 from him so far. Cus I only charge $20/hr for an email, and his are pretty short, so maybe 5 or 10 minutes. So I have to do a bunch before it amounts to anything.

I'm feeling like I need to do something for myself and I'm not sure what to do. My one friend usually goes shopping on Saturdays with her other friend, and altho I'm always invited, i don't usually go as i don't enjoy shopping like they do and they usually make it an all-day affair, running here, running there. I find it tiring.

I have another friend coming over on Sunday to help me with a garage door that doesn't close right.

Maybe tomorrow I'll go the library and pick out a DVD or 2. It's always such a pleasant place to go and doesn't cost me any money.

Maybe I'll bake a quick bread. Get some groceries. I haven't taken a real walk in a while. Take my camera with me.

2 Responses to “My mundane life & boring stuff i did today”

  1. mamasita Says:

    Whew! Your life doesn't sound boring at all! I know it must have felt good to get all of that stuff taken care of, especially getting outdoors.

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    You are very productive with your time! Enjoy your walk.

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