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Sold the couch tonight

September 18th, 2015 at 06:49 pm

Right after work I drove over to the condo to meet the painter who wanted to buy the couch. He arrived with a buddy and after paying me $250 cash, they moved it out, not without some trouble. But they got a pretty good bargain.

I priced it very low as I wanted to make sure it would sell quickly. It put some cash in my pocket but it made me feel a little sad to see yet another piece of my mother's life go away forever.

Due to my hard work selling her stuff, I've managed to only be out of pocket $263 to date since moving my mother to assisted living 3.5 months ago. Some of these expenses were related to keeping her condo going and some related to her healthcare and all sorts of other things. I keep whittling away at expenses by continuing to sell yarns on Facebook and locally, so they never build up so much. And in August I started picking up all her expenses (still reimbursing myself from yarn sales) except her rent at Maplewood, so as not to deplete her savings faster than I'd projected.

While I was there at the condo I took what I think was the last of my mother's paintings on the main level. I'll go back tomorrow morning as I am a little curious to check out the complex-wide tag sale and I can pick up the parking sticker for my mother's car, which I sold months ago. Dumb, huh? I got a notice in the mail that if I don't pick it up i'll get fined cus they don't want anyone parking there without a sticker. It's no use calling and telling them I'm in the process of selling the place. It'll just be easier to pick it up while I'm there so they shut up about it.

I have to take down some shelving which will probably leave holes in the walls, so I'll bring some spackling with me to fill the holes. I might as well take the drawers out of the sewing machine so when i move it with the handyman, possibly next weekend, it'll be a little lighter for the 2 of us to handle.

So what's left to move with the handyman?
1. The bed and frame - will have to pay a small fee to drop it at the landfill
2. Headboard - it goes with my mother's bedroom set and is probably 50 years old but i always liked it so will move to my house. She can't use it as i bought her a new twin bed at Maplewood when she moved in.
3. sewing machine cabinet - to my house, god knows where it will go
4. medium sized cedar chest - also very old - i think i will keep
5. particleboard cabinet to Goodwill or trash
6. 2 small chairs
That's it for the main level!

Downstairs, there are still a few heavy boxes of stuff i'm not sure whether to toss or donate or recycle or keep.. and 2 heavy large tables to goodwill or trash.

It seems like the moving of stuff and the trips back and forth to her condo has just been going on FOREVER. I'm in my 50s and this is getting old. Even though I moved most of the stuff out before I put it on the market in mid-June. I'm still traveling back and forth (a 15 or 20-minute ride), and have nearly every weekend since May.

But soon, I think it will really happen. The place will sell. Buyer's already got her painter lined up, so she's committed. I'm a teensy bit worried about the bank's appraisal. In 3 weeks' time, I can put this part of the saga behind me forever and focus on other things. It's taken up so much of my time.

I'm pretty tired tonight. didn't have dinner, just some orange juice and red grapes. I have off on MOnday (yeah) and want to go to Costco as I NEVER go there otherwise due to the insane weekend crowds. My mother had a membership which will expire at some point so I'd like to use it at least a few times before it does as i won't renew becus i'm already with the far less crowded BJs.

Tried to close a brand new credit card (EMV) Amazon mailed my mother (and it was forwarded to me) but they required the POA document in the mail and it's jut too much hassle right now. No time. I'll just let it lapse due to inactivity. It's not my preference, cus it still leaves the card open to fraud, but they make it too damn difficult.

On Sunday I hope to go to the arts festival in town and have invited a friend to join me. One of the weavers I met thru yarn sales will be doing some kind of workshop there and she very kindly invited me to come.

1 Responses to “Sold the couch tonight”

  1. CB in the City Says:

    Congrats on selling the couch! Although you didn't make much from it, it's wonderful that you didn't have to figure out how to move it! I would recommend giving the particleboard cabinet to Goodwill rather than putting it in the trash. Cabinets come available pretty rarely, and many people don't mind that it's particleboard; they just need some place to stash their stuff.

    Excellent work, spending only $263 out of pocket!

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