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Coloring away....simple pleasures

August 8th, 2015 at 05:46 pm

I got my delivery from HSN today and was pretty happy with getting 4 coloring books, plus 10 pencil colors, for about $20.

I like the images too. Here's the 1st one I've started:

It's kind of a flora/paisley design, although the position of the wheel-shaped circles at bottom right and top left make me think of a Harley every time I look at it.

There's enough detail here that it will probably take me a few weeks to do just this one image! I'm using colored pencils here but still plan to order fine-tipped magic markers. you can get a box of 100 for just $15 or so.

It's a little addictive. Several times I said, okay, I'm going to take a break and stop, but then I couldn't resist doing another section. Smile

I can see how this could usurp reading books at night. I'd gotten into the habit of picking up several used books at a time at the weekly book sale at library in the city where I work. They're so cheap, some at .50, that I'm happy to read and then re-donate. And I like the designs so much I may yes, even frame them. Smile

I'm psyched. Haven't brought them over to mom's yet although I did see her this morning.

I got the carpeting installed on the lower staircase and I'm glad I had it done. It looks so much better.

I also dropped off 4 pieces of art at a gallery about a half hour from here. We priced the large one at $400 and the smaller ones ranged from I think $65 to $125. I like the large one. It's a woven tapestry of the ocean and a few sailboats, and since we're near Lake Candlewood here, it seemed fitting to try to sell this during the summer months.

I picked up some groceries at the supermarket and made a double batch of breakfast granola this evening.

4 Responses to “Coloring away....simple pleasures”

  1. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    I'm glad you're enjoying the designs!

  2. starfishy Says:

    i visited the philly art museum a few days ago for an impressionist exhibit and thought of you in the gift shop - there were many art-themed coloring books!! Smile

  3. laura Says:

    Lovely recreation!
    Care to share recipe for breakfast granola? I am desperate for breakfast options here (school starts for one high schooler next Thurs) and she's not a big breakfast eater - granola might be something she could snack on during the ride?

  4. abdullah Says:

    love coloring!

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