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Eyeglass frame prices and more

January 13th, 2018 at 09:24 am

So far with my scratched retina I've spent $120 on 3 office visit co-pays and all of $1.12 for the generic antibiotic drops.

But I haven't paid my $500 deductible for this year so I expect to see more bills coming my way. I'll also be incurring another $40 co-pay when I return to doc Monday to hopefully get this thing out of my eye, which is uncomfortable. Two more days and nights to go til then.

I was really looking forward to the weekend but was asked late Friday afternoon if I could work on some hot project that "had to be done" this weekend. It's kind of hard to say no when the owner of the company and my manager are standing there looking at me. At least I can work at home. It's just that I don't know when I'll get the work so, umm, I can't go off hitchhiking to Utah or anything.

Next week many people will be at the meetings we've all been preparing for, for months, so the office should be relatively quiet and maybe I could even leave on time.

This morning I went to local optician to look at eyeglass frames. Only because Cigna said they participate in their Healthy Rewards program that offers discounts on frames. Turns out they don't. It still came out to just under or over $400. .

The markup on eyeglass frames seems to be similar to the amount some people for mattresses...meaning, a lot, and way in excess of what it's actually worth. Just my opinion.

I decided to try Target, and found a better selection of frames there. I chose one and again the price was about $400. I supposedly "saved" $160 with my Cigna Healthy Rewards, .

I didn't really feel like investing more time in eyeglass shopping, so I bit the bullet and ordered a pair. Depending on how they work (they're progressives), I may wind up getting another pair just for use with the computer, because that's what I'm having trouble seeing right now. I keep having to use the lowest portion of my current glasses to read, and even then, my vision's not great. They are quite scratched up, too and I never liked the frames much. (Got them at BJs 5 years ago.)

So I'm really looking forward to the new pair of glasses, which I should have in 1-2 weeks. If I do get the 2nd pair of computer glasses, I will definitely try an online place like Zenni Optical. Seems like it would be harder to mess up a single strength lens.

6 Responses to “Eyeglass frame prices and more”

  1. ceejay74 Says:

    Funny, I'm going glasses shopping this weekend. I really want glasses I think I look cute in (I'm not super vain, but I think sometimes I don't wear glasses more often because I don't like how my current ones look on my face).

    I'm not looking forward to spending that much money on frames, but I may do it if I find the perfect ones.

    I have a prescription from 10 months ago because I got tested but then had a bunch of other expenses and never got new glasses. Do you think the Rx from so long ago will be accepted by a glasses shop? I'm hoping to save money and hassle and not get a new exam.

  2. My English Castle Says:

    Ha--I'm also going eyeglass shopping. I had good luck at Warby Parker in Minneapolis, and we've just got a new store here in Cheeseland. My brother swears by Costco for cheaper frames, but I'm not sure. I saw an interesting feature a few years back on the dominance of one firm in the eyeglass market.

  3. rob62521 Says:

    Eyeglasses are outrageously expensive if you have bifocals or trifocals. I do the progressive and because I'm allergic to certain metals I buy titanium which is even more expensive. I don't like plastic frames because the rim bothers me when I look through the glasses so I get rimless. I have tried the plastic and it drives me crazy. I really don't like stuff around my eyes. So, I grouse about the price of eyeglasses.

  4. PatientSaver Says:

    Ceejay, I think you SHOULD look cute in whatever frames you pick. After all, they do cost a lot and you're (hopefully) going to live with them for years. That's how I felt today too, which is maybe why it took me so long to find a pair of frames I thought I might like. I tried on dozens, and many looked so different on me than on the rack, so that's a disadvantage if you ever try buying frames online.

    My English Castle, I've often heard about Costco for glasses, too. I called to confirm, you have to be a member to take advantage of their optical dept.

    Rob, the plastic frames seemed so big and clunky, i guess becus you clearly see the whole frame. The ones i ended up with are plastic on the top half but metal on the bottom, so they seem to disappear a bit on the face, which I like.

    I hated forking over $400 for the glasses, believe me. (Grumble.)

  5. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Ouch. I'm glad I don't wear glasses .. yet. DH may need them soon though.

  6. ceejay74 Says:

    I did it! With insurance and discounts, it came to around $430 (full price $860 -- I have to get those progressive lenses for the first time, so I think that's where most of the expense came in). I think I can claim it all on my flex, but then I won't have much flex for the rest of the year, so other medical expenses will be out of pocket. Ah well. AS got new ones too, and she doesn't have vision coverage or flex, so that will definitely come out of our shared spending. (Weirdly enough, even without coverage hers came to about the same as mine, I think because her Rx is more straightforward.)

    I think I got cute ones. Nerdy cute for sure. Maybe I'll post them on my blog since I can't attach a pic here!

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