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Weather and other ramblings

July 7th, 2016 at 04:39 am

I've slept poorly for the past 2 nights. Last night, I decided to try sleeping downstairs on the twin bed I bought my mother last year. It's in my family room as a sort of day bed, but the main thing is it's considerably cooler in my downstairs compared to upstairs.

Still, I slept terribly. I had a large fan going hoping the noise would cover up the sound of the crickets, but it didn't, really. Plus with the poison ivy on my right arm I had to keep being aware of not resting my other arm on it.

I really like my foam mattress upstairs. This one is the more conventional coil spring mattress.

Gallery owner offered a solo show to me of mom's work for month of December, just in time for holiday shoppers. Not at all sure which pieces I'll choose for her pretty small space, but I was thinking of at least one woven tapestry and maybe some woven paintings. I will write the press release for the show. She also offered to do the usual opening reception, but these are usually done so people can meet the artist, and since I'm not, I don't think I'll do the reception, which I probably wouldn't have attended anyway.

Working from home today so I can set up shop in the kitchen or family room and do what i can to keep the heat tolerable, mainly by opening windows and drawing blinds on a rotating basis that follows the sun. I don't like leaving the cats alone on days like this, and even though the basement is much cooler, I'm not sure they have the sense to go down there.

It's been only 2 weeks since Waldo was traumatized so he could get an allergy shot and already he is completely congested and having difficulty breathing again. The vet had said the shot would last 4 to 6 weeks. He can only give those shots at certain intervals, so now what? I have to call him this morning.

FINALLY, my elephant ear bulbs are starting to come up in their pots, way behind schedule. At this rate, I'll have nice plants by the time frost comes. This time, though, I'm determined not to lose them as I did one year when I tried to overwinter them in pots, in the garage. I think they'll do better and not rot if I lift them out of the pots, shake off the dirt and store in basement in shredded newspaper. I had actually already contacted the grower to complain about them since I spent $8 on each of the 3 packages.

I've been eating cucumbers from my container plants and am waiting for the green tomatoes to ripen. Picked a smallish eggplant yesterday so I can make baba ganousch. The only other thing I'm growing this year is onions and stringbeans. I just sort of ran out of time to plant. I may plant more stringbeans soon. Is there anything else you can plant mid-season with a short grow time?

2 Responses to “Weather and other ramblings”

  1. NJDebbie Says:

    Patient Saver, have you tried the products from TECNU for poison ivy. A lot of people are recommending it. My son has been on steroids twice this summer so far due to poison ivy. I hope it goes away soon; it's terrible to have it.

  2. PatientSaver Says:

    Yes, Debbie, Tecnu is what i always use! I found this 2nd time around that if I scrubbed REALLY hard for the FULL 2 minutes, and did this multiple times, not just once, it seems so far to be confined to 2 spots on my arm and has not spread beyond.

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