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Now, TWO bunnies in my yard

July 5th, 2016 at 11:15 am

Ha! I know where this is going. Soon it will be 3, 4, then 27 bunnies in the yard.

Really, if they can assist by eating all the weeds on my property, I don't mind at all and in fact enjoy seeing them around, more so than the woodchucks who devour my sedums, among other things.

This weekend I finished a big landscaping chore, which was to clear out all the weeds flourishing under a large rhododendron shrub in the backyard and then spread 6 large bags of black mulch with an application of Preen to discourage new weeds. In the process I've acquired poison ivy, 2nd time this season. Tecnu did not deliver as advertised. Within an hour of suspected leaf to skin contact, I scrubbed and scrubbed my arm with Tecnu but I broke out in the rash anyway. I also scrubbed 2 single spots in other locations. Darn it.

I had to load those 6 bulky bags of mulch from Lowes onto one of those flatbed carts, then load them a second time into my car then load them a 3rd time from the car to the backyard. It was a lot of work but with all the weeds it was getting so unsightly and it I let them grow another season it would be that much harder to clear out.

I often liken yard work to a struggle of Me vs. Nature as I attempt to keep invasives and weeds from overtaking my property. I'm usually never really "caught up" and it's a constant battle to maintain my ground.

2 Responses to “Now, TWO bunnies in my yard”

  1. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Too bad about the poison ivy.

    We have lots of weeds in our yard ... really need to do something about them soon.

  2. VS_ozgirl Says:

    It has been raining nonstop where we are in Oz so everything is overgrown but the battle is having a dry enough weekend to be able to mow the lawns! We understand your battle.

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