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From Danbury to Kenya

July 3rd, 2016 at 04:40 am

I found the perfect way to donate the last cones of my mother's yarns and some crochet hooks. I read in my local paper how 2 high school girls were seeking donations of certain items for a summer camp program at an orphanage in Kenya for children who lost both parents to AIDS. The 2 high schoolers will be traveling to Kenya to deliver the items this next month.

I packed up a box of yarns and the crochet hooks and dropped it at the donation box at the library. I didn't include the wool yarns becus well, this is Kenya so not sure they could use the wool.

As dad and I were leaving my place to meet my friend R., I accidentally flushed a baby poult (turkey) from the pachysandra. I heard more clucking and we saw mama and the other 7 or so poults in the backyard. Glad to see them around.

So R. gave me and my father the grand tour of the Gold Coast towns of Westport and Fairfield, as well as what Paul Newman famously called "the armpit of Connecticut," Bridgeport. We stopped along a boat marina, drove by some beaches, showed dad where I work, had lunch at Captain's Cove and all round had an interesting day. I think dad enjoyed it, especially with R.'s running commentary on notable events or history of the areas we were driving through. He's always enjoyed playing tour guide.

After reviving at home afterwards for about an hour that afternoon, I was able to rally and return some library books before they closed at 5. I also wrote a brief review of one of the books I read, thereby entitling me to a chance to win one of several prizes offered as an enticement to people to read over the summer. You can enter as many times as you like so I also picked up another book to read while I was there.

Once back home, I also did some yard work, mainly concentrating on clearing out all the weeds under a large rhododendron in my back yard. I made good progress but also exposed myself to a fair amount of poison ivy under the shrub. I was wearing gloves, but it's still easy to brush against the plant, so I tried mostly to use a shovel to dig up the poison ivy and then walk with it balanced on the shovel and fling it into the woods. As a precaution, I STILL scrubbed my hands and arm vigorously with Tecnu. Later I sprayed the remaining poison ivy with 100% vinegar mixed with a lot of salt.

I hope to finish the weeding today, then maybe make a quick trip to Home Depot or Lowes for maybe 6 large bags of mulch. Could probably use more, but will try to spread it around with just the 6.

Yesterday was another spectacular weather day. Brilliant sunshine but very dry, so comfortable. I think today and tomorrow will be the same so I would like to do a very long walk today, maybe in late afternoon after I'm done with the gardening.

Waiting for the change of sugar water to cool before putting it out for the hummingbirds. Am feeling happy that I have nothing "big" planned for the rest of the weekend, though of course I hope to get stuff done while still minimizing running around or leaving hometown for errands.

Like, I need to continue cleaning up the garage which still has a pile of garage sale stuff in it. Last night I did move my mother's large easel from the garage to the house. I decided that since it didn't sell, I would keep it, at least for now, and I put it in my family room and it's now holding one of her larger pieces.

I also moved plastic shelving back into the garage. Little by little. I tend to do just a little bit on on one project but not complete it before moving onto something else that captures my attention. I guess that's what you call "puttering."

4 Responses to “From Danbury to Kenya”

  1. Carol Says:

    Well, you putter to better purpose than anyone else I know!
    I'll try the vinegar on our poison ivy. Will the salt wreck the soil for growing other stuff there? (Not that I want to plant there,but...)
    Happy Fourth!

  2. livingalmostlarge Says:

    That's amazing you found a cool way to donate.

  3. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    What a great place to donate!

  4. rob62521 Says:

    What a super way to donate the yarn and crochet hooks. Good job!

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