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Luther was a VERY BAD boy ...AGAIN

October 11th, 2012 at 11:55 am

OK, so what did he do this time? Well, I had just gotten in the door and was playing with Luther by hanging a strip of cardboard (what you pull off a FedEx cardboard envelope to open it) in his face and since he wanted to chew on the cardboard, he put his paw on my hand so as to hold it steady so he could chew it. Sadly, he chomped right down on my index finger instead. On the top part.

I have an appt. with the doc tomorrow. Luther last bit me (another accident) when I first adopted him 3 years ago and i was bringing him home in the cat carrier. He was freaking out and had chewed through the nylon mesh netting and had his head sticking out of the carrier and as I was driving the car, I didn't want him to get out so without thinking (duh, stupid move, in retospect) I put my hand across the torn mesh and he chomped on the fleshy part of my thumb.

As I recall, I delayed going to the doctor's then, not realizing how quickly a cat bite to the hand can get infected. Although it didn't "look" infected to me at all, I decided to have it checked out anyway and my doctor said I was a day away from being referred to a hand surgeon. Instead, I got antibiotics and all was fine.

So with that scary thought in mind, I decided not to mess around and will see doc tomorrow to get the meds, just to be sure. Also, I just finished up with 3 weeks of antibiotics for the lyme disease. That was this past Tuesday, and I must say i was feeling headachey today. So I don't know if I'm over it. I really hate to be on antibiotics becus I have to follow a strict regimen with acidopholous to ensure I don't get a yeast infection, which has happened before, and that proves as tough to get rid of as anything else.

I finalized the paperwork with the insurance agent today and he went ahead and charged me for my car and homeowners insurance. I'll get a partial refund from my current carrier since I'm switching over now instead of waiting til the renewal period is up.

So I'm paying $1005 for both auto and home, which I think is pretty darn good.

The Allstate guy I was going to go with before I got the Safeco quote was I guess not too happy. He asked me if i would send him a copy of the Safeco quote. i figured he wanted to see what the competition was doing. I figured, what the heck, so i emailed it to him. So then i saw that he was still trying to get my business, and he said he was contacting another underwriter to see if he could do better. Then he left a phone message saying he wanted to discuss some things. At this point, it's too late, so I haven't called him back, but I hadn't wanted to tell him no definitively until it was all finalized with the other guy, and now it is. Sorry, Allstate.

I'm feeling kind of wiped out. It was such a beautiful day today, bright and sunny, though brisk and in the 50s, that I just got in the car without really being sure where I was going, but i ended up doing an abbreviated walk in the woods. Which wasn't really brilliant since i still have lyme, and am out of Off and hadn't sprayed my boots. So when i got home i threw the boots, my socks and my pants in the dryer. Dry heat (not putting them thru a wash cycle) is what really will kill a tick.

5 Responses to “Luther was a VERY BAD boy ...AGAIN”

  1. Looking Forward Says:

    Oh poor boo-boo finger! Frown I hope you feel better soon (your finger and the Lyme).

    Working in a vet clinic I've had a few bites (lots of scratches) When it happens, I encourage the boo-boo to bleed to help flush it out. Then I clean the bite with surgical scrub and/or peroxide. Thankfully, I have not gotten any infections.

  2. patientsaver Says:

    Looking forward, I hope that works for me. I did let it bleed a little to hopefully flush out any bacteria in there, and i did dab it with peroxide.

  3. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    From what I've heard and read about cat bites, it really isn't something you want to mess with. I hope the doc gives you an all clear tomorrow!

  4. cheapiepoo Says:

    Ouch..hope you feel better. My cat tends to get too excited when I play with him, gets a wild look in his eye and ends up attacking my legs...which in turn, sends me running to the bathroom to close the door behind me until he settles down. DH thinks it's hysterical. I love him (the cat and DH) nonetheless.

  5. Dido Says:

    Feel better...sorry to hear about the repeated health woes.

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