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And another thing....

April 2nd, 2012 at 02:26 pm

I had another outside-the-box thought today.

I signed up to be a poll worker again in my town's April election. I should have signed up to work the presidential primary, which also takes place in April, but when she mentioned that on the phone, I was thinking November and figured I had time. So I'll call her back tomorrow to sign up for the 2nd as well.

But then I got to thinking....what's to prevent me from being a poll worker in neighboring towns as well? They all seem to have their town budget votes at different times.

I called one town's registrar and she said that while there used to be a law that you had to live in the town where you worked, they did away with that law. But their vote is tomorrow and they have all the poll workers they need.

I called a local small city but they they have a different form of govt and don't have a spring election.

Then I figured I might as well wait til tomorrow before I call anywhere else becus I don't actually know the date of my hometown's budget vote. I don't think they've set a date yet, but of course I want to make sure the dates don't conflict.

The other day I saw an interesting job posted for a writer/biographer to work for a personal injury law firm interviewing clients and writing a narrative that would be used in court by the law firm. While the job was just too far away for me to consider (an hour, plus driving as far north as Albany to visit with the victims), I did write the law firm to see if this was something law firms typically have a need for, becus I figure I'd be very good at it, and I'm already editing reports for the social worker/guardian ad litem in Massachusetts who is doing the same kind of work, except that she's interviewing various parties involved in child custoy cases. But by editing her reports, I've been able to see what kinds of questions she asks and how she writes them up, etc.

Someone from the law firm did respond back to me and briefly said he thought what they did was very unique but you never know. He declined to share their payscale with me. Smile

So I did also shoot off letters to 4 or 5 big law firms in my area, basically proposing the same thing as this one ad. I emphasized my qualifications and well, you never know. I'd be interested to get any feedback at all, but I don't know if they'd bother.

I went for my 3rd mulch pick up at the landfill the other day. I found a recent load of very clean, very new chips. Looks like hemlock. It's a very light colored wood and really stands out in my beds but I need so much more!

Here's where I've been digging:

I want to get some more tomorrow morning....nobody take my mulch!

Oh, and if you're interested, here's where I work, the p/t publisher's job:

It's a very bucolic setting. I work in the left wing and my window looks out on the left. It used to be a boys boarding school and also an arts colony at one time. Originally was a private home.

I've gotten kind of hooked on watching this webcast:
check it out during the daytime and you'll see the male and female changing guard over the eggs they're sitting on, and you'll see either bird swoop in with large twigs and branches and then they rearrange the nest. It's really amazing. here's the link:


Just leave this window open with speakers ON and you can catch some amazing stuff.

I made some honey-glazed muffins today with walnuts. They're just ok. My orange/bran muffins are much better, I think.

I got my 5 lbs. of black Scotties' licorice delivered and have gotten kind of stuck on them. Probably not great for the teeth, so I sort of suck on them like hard candy rather than chew.

Tomorrow's my interview at the newspaper. I've sort of decided already that what I'd be interested is whatever copy editing they have, but not the reporter jobs. You do a lot of running around as a news reporter, and a lot of it is at night for meetings or on weekends, when you might like to have the time to yourself. I did it when I was younger; not sure I have the stamina to do it now. It'll be my job to convince them I'm perfect for the copy editing job.

2 Responses to “And another thing....”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    If you like that link, you might also like seeing the bald eagles here in Iowa. Two eggs have hatched and just waiting for the third. Very interesting to watch them feed the eaglets!

  2. patientsaver Says:

    Thanks, CCF, I now switch back and forth between the eagles and the great blue herons! Except I was really fretting a lot becus the eagle kept overlooking 2 of the eaglets for just 1 who was hogging all the squirrel, or whatever that carcass is.

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