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Today's accomplishments

August 21st, 2011 at 04:32 pm

Yesterday's Pickings

Can't say I did a whole lot today...it was another low-level energy day.

1. I continued working on digging up a fairly large shrub in my front yard, and was able to finish digging it out. I have a second one, another spirea, nearby that I also plan to dig out.Then it's pile the brush into the wheelbarrow for several trips to dump, then seed and water the area.

2. Made a nice summer salad of edamame, corn, black beans, red onion, fresh cherry tomatoes and salad dressing for dinner.

3. Read the Sunday paper, lounged around, drifted off for a bit. Smile

Gosh, is that ALL I did???

Upcoming events this week:

My author is back from her vacation (North Carolina) and wants to get together this week. She's so fun to spend time with. We'll either walk or meet at the coffee shop.

May have to ferry my mother around tomorrow due to her car issues.

I have a press release to write tomorrow; it involves calling a few people. I could have done it over the weekend, but I just didn't feel like it! Bad me.

I have some product testing on Tuesday. Something that requires 20/20 vision and pays $40. I have no idea what the product is.

I have a taste testing of some new drink flavors on Wednesday. This will be at a new place I haven't been to. They don't pay you but supposedly give you "between $50 and $100 worth" of food items. We'll see. May not be worth it but I won't know til I try it once.

I am out of milk and need to hit Costco, as well as Walgreen to spend some reward dollars.

I have a lot of ravenous hummingbirds this year and am nearly out of sugar for their sugar water.

Yesterday's pickings with my boots. Smile

2 Responses to “Today's accomplishments”

  1. Looking Forward Says:

    Wow! Those look GREAT. Big Grin

  2. Ima saver Says:

    WE are filling our hummingbird feeder almost every day.

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