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Sultry Hot

July 18th, 2011 at 10:13 am

It's one of those stifling warm and muggy days herein Connecticut, the kind of day where I won't venture outside except to get the mail around 2:30 pm.

I did go out and pick about a cup-and-a-half of wineberries, and made mental note of where more ripe berries were, so I can go back after donning my hip boots (for protection against ticks).

I'm feeling a little more upbeat today because I got a new (small) assignment to work on, after sending a "just touching base" email to a client. It's a press release for a new townhome community right across from the beach. Two- and three-bedroom units for $249,900 to $399,900. I'll call the sales director in a little while for a few more details.

Otherwise, not much happening. Am disappointed that the slew of p/t writing jobs I applied for before leaving for my dad's yielded no phone calls from prospective phone calls.

So today I applied for a legal secretary and doctor's assistant job. I found both in the local paper. I figured it was worth doing because I'm guessing the vast majority of job-seekers wouldn't bother looking in the local newspaper anymore for jobs, so it will cut down drastically, I hope, on my competition.

It's sort of an experiment. I wrote two highly personalized letters making a case for why i'd be good at the job. I did finish a year of law school, way back when, and I do have a health-related blog that focuses on preventative medicine.

If I could find a job that was local, paid modestly ($45 to $50K) AND provided healthcare benefits, I'd be more than happy. I'd be THRILLED.

I see I have 3 more small zucchini forming in the veggie garden. And I have enough yellow wax beans now that I think I'll make a three-bean cold salad tomorrow. I've got the chickpeas (cooked from dried and formerly frozen) and will soak the dried kidney beans tonight.

The lettuce is bolting, and yeah, it's gotten a bit bitter tasting, but ya know what? A lot of salad greens can be very bitter, so it doesn't really bother me.

I have no reason to leave the house this week except for Friday, when I have to meet the research assistant at a midway point at a diner for her to give me supplies for that nutrition study I'm doing with UConn.

I don't know that I'll be able to, but i really need to mow the front lawn today. They're calling for "severe" thunderstorms and a possible tornado (great...) this afternoon. But you never know.

I don't know, maybe I can muster the energy to mow now.

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